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Anyone else notice the ads online recently for bc casinos. It's like they're trying to cover up the negative news about their money laundering.

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@ezralevant: RT @nspector4: "The Premier of BC announced he was stepping down this afternoon following the release of a search warrant that showed Clark was the focus of an investigation into casino licensing and alleged influence peddling" CBC News #cdnpoli #bcpoli

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New Edgewater casino at BC Place will double gambling in city. Does this have to happen?

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Covid-19 Update for December 8: 1,727 new cases, 1,397 recoveries, 9 deaths + Announcement of additional mandatory measures

Data is taken from the Covid-19 portal and today's availability by Dr Deena Hinshaw, Premier Jason Kenney, Minister of Health Tyler Shandro, and Minister of Jobs Doug Schweitzer. Dr Hinshaw's next availability is tomorrow.
There are currently enhanced measures in effect for multiple regions of Alberta and have been enhanced as of today. This link provides a quick summary of which ones are in effect for different regions of Alberta.
Top line numbers:
Value Current Change Total
Total cases +1,727 71,379
Active cases 20,388 +321
Cases with "Unknown source" 10,575 (83.9%) in last 7 days +427 (+0.4%)
Tests +19,071 (~9.06% positive) 2,410,675
People tested +7,433 1,534,783 (~355,521/million)
Hospitalizations 654 +45/+35 based on yesterday's post/portal data 2,325 (+64)
ICU 112 +4 413 (+10)
Deaths +9 (4x 70-79, 5x 80+) 640
Recoveries +1,397 51,000
Spatial distribution of people tested, cases, and deaths (since yesterday):
  • All other values are compared with respect to yesterday
Zone Active Cases New People Tested Total New Cases Total New Deaths Total
Calgary 7,529 (+57) +2,654 621,003 +583 28,946 +2 215
Central 1,526 (+53) +1,005 134,204 +176 3,881 +1 20
Edmonton 9,383 (+193) +2,664 513,626 +791 29,901 +5 304
North 1,212 (+65) +739 143,747 +165 4,757 +0 51
South 646 (-8) +307 97,153 +57 4,307 +1 50
Unknown 92 (-39) +64 25,050 -45 236 +0 0
Spatial distribution of cases for select cities and regions (change since yesterday) (cities proper for Calgary and Edmonton):
City/Municipality Total Active Recovered Deaths
Edmonton 24,542 (+625) 7,586 (+151) 16,692 (+469) 264 (+5)
Calgary 24,245 (+507) 6,490 (+117) 17,562 (+388) 193 (+2)
Brooks 1,296 (+2) 24 (-4) 1,258 (+6) 14 (+0)
Lethbridge 1,175 (+22) 259 (+9) 909 (+13) 7 (+0)
Fort McMurray 906 (+20) 222 (-3) 682 (+23) 2 (+0)
Red Deer 832 (+45) 373 (+18) 449 (+27) 0
High River county 658 (+2) 49 (-6) 602 (+8) 7 (+0)
Grande Prairie 562 (+15) 106 (+10) 451 (+5) 5 (+0)
Mackenzie county 447 (+4) 19 (+4) 415 (+0) 13 (+0)
Medicine Hat 334 (+11) 89 (-3) 240 (+14) 5 (+0)
I.D. No 9 (Banff) 324 (+8) 109 (-14) 215 (+22) 0
Cardston county 200 (+2) 37 (-2) 157 (+4) 6 (+0)
Wheatland county 146 (+1) 6 (-1) 140 (+2) 0
Warner county 137 (+1) 30 (-2) 105 (+3) 2 (+0)
Wood Buffalo municipality 111 (+1) 8 (+0) 103 (+1) 0
Rest of Alberta 16,113 (+461) 4,981 (+47) 11,010 (+412) 122 (+2)
Other municipalities with 10+ active cases is given at this link
Schools with outbreaks are listed online.
Quick numbers (as of today):
  • 108 schools are on Watch (+2)
  • 141 schools have 2-4 cases (+10)
Spatial distribution of hospital usage (change based on yesterday's post):
  • Hospitalization zone are where the patient is receiving care, not zone of residence
Zone Hospitalized ICU
Calgary 198 (+14) 34 (+2)
Edmonton 357 (+22) 66 (+3)
Central 50 (+3) 6 (+1)
South 18 (+4) 2 (-1)
North 31 (+2) 4 (-1)
Statements by Premier Kenney
Opening Statements
  • Here to lay out additional health measures which are necessary to protect healthcare system and save lives
  • Alberta has faced most of the year with lower levels of spread, hospitalizations, and fatalities
  • Having said that, last few weeks are different
  • Incredible work is being done by healthcare workers in face of this
  • Delays in surgeries have occurred, which for some may result in a shorter lifespan
  • Not doing anything now will result in continued growth of hospitalizations and further strain on healthcare
  • On advice of chief medical officer, restrictions have occurred. Government realizes that this can impact businesses and cause adversities
  • Knows many feed policies are unjust and why provincial government has stressed education first instead of using policy
  • On the other hand, while space can be made, it will have further health impacts (e.g. running out of capacity in hospitals)
  • If stronger action isn't taken now, hundreds or thousands more Albertans will die
  • Data appears to suggest a stabilization (around a reproductive factor of around 1.2), but that isn't enough
New Restrictions
  • As of today, all outdoor and indoor social gatherings are banned
  • The mask mandate will expand to all indoor places, with exception of rental homes and farm operations
  • As of December 13th, 12:01 AM:
  • (1) Retail, grocery stores, and shopping malls are restricted to 15% of capacity, down from 25%. Kiosks are open for takeaway service only. Malls cannot be used for socialization and shopping only
  • (2) Places are worship to 15% occupancy with previous restrictions applying. Online and drive-in services are still recommended
  • (3) Restaurants, pubs, bars, lounges and cafes are restricted to takeout and delivery services only. This will open up their access to provincial and federal supports
  • (4) The following will be closed:
  • (4a) Gaming centres (e.g. - casinos, bingo halls, gaming entertainment centres)
  • (4b) Recreational facilities
  • (4c) Indoor entertainment (e.g. libraries, science centres, water parks)
  • (4d) Trade centres
  • The restrictions do not apply to service visits, healthcare, or childcare .
  • (5) All Alberta employees must work from home unless employer requires physical presence for operational reasons (up from a recommendation)
  • No changes to schools beyond what was previously announced
  • These are all province wide and will be in effect for 4 weeks
  • Goal has been to be targeted. However, the whole province is seeing significant spread
  • Knows the holidays are important for many people
  • The hard truth is that the single source of spread is at-home gatherings
  • If we let people gather for Christmas, we'll see a spike in cases
  • We can't let that happen, so please follow the gathering restrictions previously noted (only in-household or with 2 close contacts if you live alone)
Increased Enterprise Support
  • This isn't the fault of anybody who followed the guidelines
  • Until the contact tracing system was overwhelmed, we didn't see it being the fault of business owners
  • But we are seeing spread so widespread, it doesn't matter how careful you were
  • These are decisions are a last resort
  • Knows this impact will be real. So financial support for small and medium size enterprise
  • 4x growth in small and medium enterprise relaunch grant, while lowering eligibility from 40% of revenue lost to 30%. This will also be retroactive to March
Closing Statements
  • Thanks Albertans for their work for most of the past 9 months
  • We are seeing the end with vaccination possibly beginning in weeks...the end is in sight
  • Why now, instead of two weeks ago?: Goal is to reduce contacts, assuming Albertans respond. This should be a very strong message and reduce transmissions. Measures have been increasingly harsh because each restriction creates harms, will hurt people who have sunk all their money in a business, and potentially increase self-harm. So this is a last resort
  • Why keep retail open instead of just curbside?: Encourages curbside, but some people may not be able to live without basic goods. Even most stringent policies around the world have kept retail open in some capacity. Feels the designation of essential and non-essential businesses in spring was a mistake
  • Why is cabinet being transparent about the reproductive value (R or Rt)?: Are preparing ways to publicly present this data, as well as healthcare capacity. Targeting next week
  • Do you think the softer measures before will cost lives/make economic recovery more difficult?: Shutting down early would have had significant impacts. Thinks it'd be a huge mistake to draw correlations between strictness of restrictions and outcomes and that there is a reasonable balance being stuck
  • Since you defined Covid representing "a tiny percent" of deaths, 300 deaths have occurred. There have been significant growths in hospitalization and cases. Do you take personal responsibility?: Rejects the premise of the question and calls it more of an "NDP speech". Feels the province has done more than other jurisdictions, especially early on. Also notes that BC, who has a government of opposite end of the political spectrum, has had a similar approach
Statements by Minister Shandro
Additional Details on Health Measures
  • Goal is to limit in-person interaction
  • Retail restriction has a floor of 5 people
  • Ski hills can remain open, provided restrictions are followed
  • Realizes that this is a lot to take in, but person-to-person exposure is fuelling the spread
  • We need limit contacts and be aware of the situation around you (even outdoors or at the grocery store)
  • How does outdoor gathering ban even work?: Goal is to restrict social gatherings. So do not socially gather indoors or outdoors. If they gather in a park or on the sidewalk, that isn't allowed. Difficulty will certainly lie in enforcement and hopes it won't need to be used. It will be up to law enforcement to determine if they feel they need to use it
  • (Additional comment by Dr Hinshaw: Intention is to prevent group social activities. Not prohibited is fitness activities provided distancing occurs)
Statements by Minister Schweitzer
Opening Statements
  • Wants to make people aware that there will be significant impacts. This is not lost on anyone in government
  • Knows many people are impacted because people have ignored public health orders.
Additional Details on Small Business Supports
  • 40% may not be able to re-open after these closures without supports
  • Small businesses may now qualify for $20,000 support (up from $5,000) with a decrease in revenue lost to 30%
  • An additional 15,000 businesses should be able to qualify for this (totalling 500 million dollars)
  • How many people will be affected with these restrictions?: ~30,000 businesses will be affected. Will be seeing how many people
Statements by Dr Hinshaw
  • 426 schools have active cases (~18%) with total of 1,701 cases
  • 108 schools on watch list (5+ active cases)
Edmonton Zone
  • The Royal Alexandra Hospital has decided to place facility on "Watch" status as a precautionary measure
  • Hospitals are safe places to receive care, but be aware that staff are under extreme stress
  • Edmonton Zone will enact additional measures:
  • (1) Postponing up to 60% of non-urgent surgeries (up from 30%)
  • (2) Diagnostic imaging may be reduced by up to 40%
  • (3) Ambulatory visits and procedures may be reduced as needed
  • AHS will contact those who are impacted
  • This is why these measures are needed and a sign of how Covid may impact more than the ill
Scope of the Situation
  • If you gathered all the people who have tested positive, it would be the 5th largest city in Alberta
  • 1/3 people have been tested
  • On October 8, positive rate was 1.34% with 184 cases in province
  • Today, positive rate is 9% and 7 day average is 1,785
  • Outbreaks in almost all group settings
  • People from 1 to 108 have been infected
  • Knows restrictions will impact many people
  • The fastest way to get there is to embrace these restrictions
  • Knows many people have embraced already, but everybody will need to do more
  • Why do we think these measures will work, after the last two rounds?: This is the most significant round of restrictions. Points to Israel as an example (who shrunk their cases faster than even their first wave). Target will be to bring the health system out of risk
  • If someone is coming in from out of province, is that allowed?: If it's someone from out of province, it isn't allowed
  • A follow up question noted an example of family members in Alberta were quarantining were 2 weeks before Christmas. Challenge is that enforcement of a "quarantine" will be difficult to control. Province is saying "gathering for Christmas" won't be allowed with people who don't live in the home. Knows it's a big imposition but any suggestions like in the question may cause a Thanksgiving-like increase in spread
Additional information will be logged below:
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Hello and Merry Christmas, fellow modders.
After using the mod menu for a while i want to share my opinions on some of the options available.
To start with, it’s a GREAT free mod!
My request in this Christmas is for the dev to make snow available for all players in lobby, not just the modder (could be that I’ve missed an option with snow for all players, but Xmas in unlocks and snow in world doesn’t create a snowy map for all lobby players.) (again an OBS! In this bc rockstar employees look for these lobby’s with snow in non-Christmas times hehe.)
And for vehicles this mod menu runs short, it spawns the common cars and specs but I’m missing the excitement in spawning. Well, you can adjust acceleration and gravity (that’s a lot of fun!!) but maybe add some more specs if that’s available for the dev<3 And be careful when adding acceleration in cars, other lobby players will recognize that ur car is hella fast. Also if playing with other kiddions modders the “forge vehicle to LS” will make ur car to an BMW 3-Series for other players, it’s for ur protection online but if u also have this problem ur not alone.
And add some protection from other modders(!)
Making money is not a problem on kiddions, me personally using casino rig as a main income I have not been banned or gotten any problems with rockstars, BUT using this method is registered as an jackpot in casino EVERY TIME so it’s a little sus. BUT it works just fine, I don’t think rockstar is bothered to go through every players income, just the weird income as money drops or very high money drops at once. I don’t recommend the use of money drops as the other methods as bunker and casino is much safer.
This was just an fast conclusion of my experience with kiddions, and this is not critique only love from an very happy customer of the kiddions menu!
Happy new year, (soon!)
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How I discovered the KKC - in JAIL. Lol. Also do you think corners and spades are the same game?

Warning this is a long tale of many prisoners, starting with me, getting hooked on KKC while serving time. Also a tale of friendship and running a gambling empire behind bars as well as my theory that the games corners and spades are one in the same.
So I have a history with drugs and it got me on probation which ended me in jail several times bc I didnt quit. The legal system isn't great at getting ppl off drugs but it's super good at putting us nonviolent offenders in jail where private jails can make money from the taxpayers for keeping us locked up. I've completed my probation now and had my record expunged so it's all behind me now but here's the story of how I found the Kingkiller Chronicle.
So I was in jail and I had a super whiney older guy as a cellmate. He seriously wouldn't stop whining and crying about having to be in jail for 2 more weeks. I knew I would be there at least 6 months and I thought I was going to prison for a couple years after that since this was my 4th probation violation. Luckily the judge liked me and let me off super easy. Well my whiney cell mate had 3 books sent in. I didnt have anyone to send me books, write, visit or put money on my books. It sucked. I tried telling my cellmate jails not so bad, I'd been a bunch. It's mostly like a really boring camp with awful food. He was scared of the other inmates. I told him I'd protect him lol. Even tho I was new there were a couple of people i knew from other places and they'd introduced me to all the cool people and I'd made friends with the important ppl to make friends with. I did my very best to keep my short timer cellmate calm while listening to him talk about how he cant do 2 weeks while i had years hanging over me.
Then one day my cellmate does something extremely dumb. He went to the guard and said he couldnt take it anymore. That he was losing it. I'd warned him about this. Told him how they wouldn't take him somewhere nice and comfortable and hold his hand and make him some relaxing warm tea. The damage was done though and so they got him and took him to the mental health pod. The kind of place with such nice amenities as non stop 24 hour screaming, throwing and smearing feces as well as the unpredictable violently insane. Oh well. I warned him.
When he left he left his books though. Score. 2 of these books were junk but hmm what's this? The Name of The Wind. This looks cool. I'll give it a try. I was hooked. On free time when everyone's allowed out of their cells I asked some of the guys about it and no one had heard of it except a guy we will call H. H was a big guy and quite feared. I liked him and would sometimes talk to him about game of thrones, wheel of time, red rising and other nerdy stuff. The vast majority of ppl in our unit were terrified of H tho. He was big but it was more his attitude. I once saw him get into an argument with a member of the bloods. H challenged him to fight and walked over to a place where the guard and cameras couldnt see. The gang member was scared and said something about having to "talk to his people." H without missing a beat told him "bring your people!" He was ready to fight them all. There were like 4 or 5 bloods in that unit and H would've wrecked them. Aside from being bigger than any 2 of them combined you could just tell he was the last guy in there to mess with. He was like a modern day viking berserker. The bloods sent 1 of their ppl to go apologize to him. Was hilarious. Another reason everyone feared him was bc when he was in prison 3 men with knifes came into his cell to rob him of his commissary. He was stabbed multiple times but gouged one mans eye out and literally beat another to death by getting him down and punching his throat multiple times. He also didnt lose his commissary. H wouldn't talk about this until I'd known him for months. I originally heard the story from another guy who had been at that prison. When we were finally close enough for me to ask he told me the whole story, every detail, with a far off glassy look in his eyes and he showed me where they'd stabbed him up.
Anyway, he had read NOTW and WMF both and said they were incredible. Since we had discussed books a bunch I knew we had the same taste in them. I read NOTW on lockdowns and played a card game called spades on free time when we were allowed out of our cells. Spades is very serious business in jail and prison. Surprisingly H barely knew how to play and he was very bad. I however was as good as anyone in there. I was definitely a candidate for best player, if not best then top 3 for sure. I started teaching H to play well and training him to be my cards partner. Then something very sad happened. I finished the Name of the Wind.
The next free time I brought out TNOTW and gave it to H bc he wanted to reread it. I told him how empty my life had become since finishing it. He said "hold on" and went to his cell and came back with a brand new copy of Wise Mans Fear!! Even though he had read it he was such a bro he had his ppl send him a copy bc they'd send him as many books as he requested. I was elated. Those 2 books made my time so much better when I read them. I'd read straight from lockdown at 10 30pm until breakfast at 3 30 am then go to sleep after breakfast.
By this point H was a very good spades partner and wed taken to calling it "corners" like in the books. I think spades may have been the inspiration for corners bc they seemed very similar. After H finished Name of the Wind he asked if another fantasy book nerd could read it. I was happy to let them. From there the book traveled all around the unit with everyone loving it. Hardened criminals talking about Kvothe or how much they hate Denna. I once heard a member of the Mexican mafia explaining to his homeboys how badass Bast is and quoting what he told Chronicler. The "I'll make a game out of you" threat. It was crazy. If you asked around what the best book in the unit was the answer youd get was NOTW and WMF.
I finished WMF and it started making its travels around the dorm also. H had ordered slow regard for silent things but I didnt like it as much. Still glad I read it. H also started ordering this series called the Gray Man which i really liked but i had several of the gambling inmates come to me with an offer. They wanted me to be in charge of all the gambling for the unit. Basically I'd hand out poker chips and keep up with how much each person had lost or won. I'd make sure losers paid and winners got paid. Everyone recommends staying away from stuff like this bc if you get caught you go to the hole (the 3 before me were caught), ppl could lose a lot and then say they weren't going to pay so youd either have to fight them or look weak and once you look weak in there it's over for you and also you become the person with the most commissary items of anyone in the unit so you can pay the winners which makes you the very best person to rob, you are basically a 1 man casino after all. The benefit is every hand of poker played I earned 2 poker chips. 10 poker chips was worth a pack of ramen noodles/65 cents. These guys played poker for 8 hours a day 7 days a week. I made $25 to $40 worth of food every day 2 poker chips at a time.
I had no reason to hoard this stuff since i only had 5 weeks left before release when i got put in charge of poker. I also was slick with it. I was good friends with the 2 biggest meanest dudes in there and so if anyone acted like they wouldn't pay their debt I'd say "that's fine, I'll cover your debt out of my pocket and you'll just owe me but I'm going to send you to collections" then I'd point out H and the other huge guy "and if they have to go in your cell, beat your ass and take your shit they're taking everything. Not just what you lost at poker. Then they're probably going to keep doing it every week bc you cant stop them and you tried to fuck over their good friend (me)" everyone paid after that warning.
One day I even overheard the crips talking about "robbing the poker game" aka robbing me. This was laughable. By this time H and I were cellmates. There were only 3 crips in the unit and as H was fond of saying "none of them weigh more than 90lbs soaking wet that's why they joined gangs". I told them any time they want to run into me and Hs cell they were welcome. Just lmk I'll leave the door open. They later came and apologized and said they were just talking shit. Running the poker game was stressful but worth it. Myself, H and a few other ppl who looked out for me when I had nothing lived like kings with what I earned off the table. We feasted everyday and had unlimited coffee. I also helped out other ppl who didnt get any store bc they feed you dinner at 3 30pm and you dont eat again til 3 30 am so if you cant buy food you starve all evening and most of the night. They fed us very little and the food was only edible if you had to eat it to live.
I never got caught running gambling. A long time ago I learned the Masonic code that freemasons used to use bc I was a really weird kid (it's super easy) so I just kept my records in that. Not a single person refused to pay their debt to me (and risk collections lol) and I made sure winners were paid out at the start of each day. And I knew which items each player liked the most and made sure they got them. Previous ppl in my position kept all the best items and paid out BS. There was a fight once when one guy got paid with 2 bottles of water. I didnt accept bottled water and envelopes and dumb stuff like that lol. By the time I left 75% of the unit had read the kkc. None of us knew book 3 wasnt out yet so you often heard ppl saying they were going to get it as soon as they got out. Alas I said this myself. The rumor was that it was only out on hardback and we weren't allowed to get hardbacks.
Well that's my wacky story of how I got introduced to the KKC and it lead to me becoming great friends with the guy even the guards were scared of. Hes in prison now but I write him every couple of months. He was such an awesome dude bc he would say whatever he thought like "oh you're in that gang? I think they're all a bunch of pussies" and "oh you're friends with so and so? Yea I know him I beat his ass and took his dope. Knocked him out cold. Hope that's not your homeboy". I later found out he just didnt like most people bc he thought they were fake and scared to be themselves and always obsessed with appearing tough. He said my immediate willingness to nerd out about fantasy books showed I had no problem just being me and thats why he warmed up to me and not many others. I was the same book loving nerd in jail as out lol. He gets out in January. I intend to hang out with him. I still haven't broke it to him about book 3 lol.
Also let me clear up that with my history and all my trips behind bars I can definitely defend myself though I'm an average sized guy. I've never backed down from a fight in jail and always refused to show weakness but having H as my best friend definitely made life easier on me bc to fight me they would've had to have fought him also. He would tell ppl that he and I were brothers and it was us against the world. Kinda a joke since all gang members call other members their brothers. Also gang members have these intricate dumb secret handshakes so we made our own which was just doing a fist bump but as soon as our fists hit we would both put our thumbs up. It was dumb and really must've pissed off the gang members. Looking back I'm lucky he didnt get out before me or they wouldve beat the shit out of me hahaha unlike him I cant take on 3 or 4 ppl lol or 2.
It was really cool seeing groups of tattood up hardened criminals sitting around talking about how they'd break out of the jail if they could use sympathy and all kinds of crazy kkc convos hahaha.
If anyone knows how to play spades how close to the game of corners do you think it is?
Sorry if yall read this and considered it a horrible loss of time you'll never get back. Just wanted to share how I found these great books.
TLDR Went to jail and was given the Name of the Wind and loved it and it lead me to making friends that made my stay in jail much better and 75% of the guys I was locked up with read and loved KKC. Also how I ran an illegal casino in jail. Also I think corners and spades are the same games.
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anyone know how to properly file for unemployment after getting called in for NYE? Trying not to screw this up.

Been no work since March (still technically employed though) and got called to work New Year's Eve at the casino.
in the beginning it asks if "I ended a job, worked an on call or temporary job assignment" during the week. I clicked yes, filled out the rest including that I did work and how much money I made.
At the end it asked me additional questions but they weren't clear on my situation. It asked me if I ended a job, and I clicked yes (I won't be getting called back anytime soon) and I clicked my employer that showed up and entered 12/31 to 12/31 and clicked next. There didn't seem to be a good option for saying you got called in for one day.
At this point it asked me to enter my previous employer bc the dates I entered were less than 16 weeks. My "previous employer" would be the same as I've worked for them for 3 years and I could have clicked them again but I didn't know what to enter for the dates (originally it was my hire date until I stopped getting called).
I then decided I better just take a step back and make sure I don't fuck myself over by doing something wrong. I am hoping someone can walk me through the proper procedure for my particular situation. Thx
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University of Nottingham has 'SCHOOLS' in the UK -CHINA - Malaysia

University of Nottingham has 'SCHOOLS' in the UK -CHINA - Malaysia
A Private School of course it was Made up BULLSHIT
If HE attended this 'School' where are the photos of HIM in a Class or on Campus or ? CCP employees RUNNING/RUINING Canada
University of Nottingham
ALOT of Canadians wear the 'MASK' and are DYING for a SHOT of that Vaccine its FCCKING pathetic..
I had to line up for my delicious ham on the 24th , as I drove by I see the IDIOTS standing on a PUBLIC street wearing their FACELESS NO VOICE CAN'T UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU ARE SAYING MASK WEARERS waiting in a small line...I show up early...and will not wait in a long line for ANYTHING had it been long..oh well NO delicious ham i walked past the line of MASK wearers carrying my delicious Ham, you can see and hear the muffles or side looks they give...its FCCKING hilarious...I also like to cough when I walk past the FACELESS NO VOICE CAN'T UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU ARE SAYING MASK WEARERS
Vancouver is the most relaxed Province in Canada but also one of the most corrupt Provinces in Canada if NOT the WORLD ... The CCP has started here and were/are attempting this throughout North America..They did it with NYC already .......
Whistleblower warned B.C. casino in 2000 of alleged ‘co-operation with organized crime’ |
Large-scale money laundering at B.C. casinos: 'Dirty Money' report | Vancouver Sun
Why are Vancouver homes among the most expensive in North America? | Financial Times (
Downtown Vancouver office rental costs sees highest increase in North America | The Star
Vancouver ranked North America's 2nd least affordable city for housing | Urbanized (
In Vancouver, North America's most expensive city, rich Chinese take the blame for skyrocketing home prices | Financial Post
Former CCP Police Chief - ‘Big shoes to fill’: Vancouver police chief to retire before contract end | CTV News
Jim Chu, Former Vancouver Police Chief, Gets A New Job | HuffPost Canada (
Chu has joined the Aquilini Investment Group (AIG) as vice president of special projects and partnerships
Aquilini Investment Group
Aquilini president to steer development of First Nations' lands | Vancouver Courier (
First Nations own ALOT of land in BC
Said this before will say it again..


Anyways back to Tam ...FCCK this DUDE
Dr. Theresa Tam: Bio, Husband, Salary | Stuff EBP Like
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TARDIS doesn't show up when starting new game

Tried installing the mod on my TTW with the relevant patches, Xoanon's fix, Regeneration Deuglifier mod etc, start from Vegas so that I start at Doc Mitchell's, the crack shows, I go outside, the TARDIS doesn't materialise to start the mod. Just the HUD disappearing and I'm stuck standing still. Tried loading a save-game from my TTW and the TARDIS doesn't appear for the first time on that either. Can't play the mod at all.
Here's my load order:
0 0 FalloutNV.esm
1 1 DeadMoney.esm
2 2 HonestHearts.esm
3 3 OldWorldBlues.esm
4 4 LonesomeRoad.esm
5 5 GunRunnersArsenal.esm
6 6 Fallout3.esm
7 7 Anchorage.esm
8 8 ThePitt.esm
9 9 BrokenSteel.esm
10 a PointLookout.esm
11 b Zeta.esm
12 c CaravanPack.esm
13 d ClassicPack.esm
14 e MercenaryPack.esm
15 f TribalPack.esm
16 10 TaleOfTwoWastelands.esm
17 11 YUPTTW.esm
18 12 Functional Post Game Ending.esm
19 13 Rebuild the Capitol.esm
20 14 Run the Lucky 38.esm
21 15 Factions Reloaded - Merge.esm
22 16 AWorldOfPain(Preview).esm
23 17 Sortomatic.esm
24 18 Sortomatic-AWOP.esm
25 19 AWorldOfPainFO3.esm
26 1a GaussAmmo.esm
27 1b STRobot-Core.esm
28 1c InstituteRifle.esp
29 1d Regulators.esm
30 1e AnotherInteriorMod.esm
31 1f EnclaveCommanderTTW.esm
32 20 The New Bison Steve Hotel.esm
33 21 Cyberware.esm
34 22 A Trail of Crumbs.esm
35 23 SlaveJail Reloaded.esm
36 24 Shogo_Heavy_Industries.esm
37 25 More Traits.esm
38 26 Companion Core.esm
39 27 RobCo Certified.esm
40 28 DS_WH40K.esm
41 29 Military NV Backpacks.esm
42 2a HumanTrafficking.esm
43 2b Brahmin Bess.esm
44 2c Companion Share & Recruit.esm
45 2d DesertersFortress.esm
46 2e fwv.esm
47 2f More Perks.esm
48 30 cortexscrambler.esm
49 31 fwvSpyduckThemeUpdates.esm
50 32 fwvXoanon.esm
51 33 Synths of the mojave mstr.esp
52 34 TTW New Vegas Speech Checks.esm
53 35 The Mod Configuration Menu.esp
54 36 DarNifiedUINV.esp
55 37 fwv.esp
56 38 fwvXoanon.esp
57 39 The Lucky 38 Empire.esp
58 3a RagsToRiches.esp
59 3b Synths of the mojave wip v1.esp
60 3c 1nivVSLArmors.esp
TTW Lone Courier Dialouge - DC Origins.esp
61 3d TTW Lone Courier Dialogue - Vegas Origins.esp
62 3e fwvXoanonRevisedCompanions.esp
63 3f Functional Post Game Ending - AWOP Patch.esp
64 40 VanGraffOverhaul.esp
65 41 Fallout Who Vegas TTW Addon.esp
66 42 gunsmithingttwRevamp.esp
67 43 More Perks Update.esp
68 44 Shogo Heavy Industries Grammar Patch.esp
69 45 STRobot-ChemImmunity.esp
70 46 USSHoodwink.esp
71 47 BeamMeUp.esp
72 48 SlaveJail Reloaded - Quests.esp
73 49 TTW Cooking Revolution.esp
74 4a TheFalcon.esp
75 4b fwvSpyduckThemeUpdates.esp
76 4c MadScience02.esp
77 4d rtsrevamped.esp
78 4e HumanTraffickingEX.esp
79 4f HandmadeDetonator.esp
80 50 VertibirdCrashSites.esp
81 51 1nivVSLArmorsTTWLevelLists.esp
82 52 TTWHidesAndTanning.esp
83 53 ArmoredVaultSuitsTTW.esp
84 54 CustomAssaultRifle.esp
85 55 CustomChineseAssaultRifle.esp
86 56 STRobot-Companion.esp
87 57 VaultLegendOutfit.esp
88 58 JediAwakening.esp
89 59 Quarian Companion.esp
90 5a DLCSortomatic.esp
91 5b clonetest.esp
92 5c Delay DLC - TTW.esp
93 5d LightSaber--TTW.esp
95 5f fwvXoanon_PersPref.esp
96 60 40K Weapons BaseNV3.esp
97 61 fwvXoanonOutfitBonuses.esp
98 62 TeslaWeaponsPack.esp
99 63 AlienExterminator.esp
100 64 Wasteland Defense.esp
101 65 Wastelanddefenseexpanded.esp
102 66 W40KLasers.esp
103 67 return_deadmoney.esp
104 68 CasinoHeists.esp
105 69 FarmingSomebodyNotBob.esp
106 6a Combined Weapons.esp
107 6b Hedszot's Weapon Pack.esp
108 6c OldWorldScience.esp
109 6d dc15.esp
110 6e fwvXoanonLaserScrewdriverEdits.esp
111 6f spyduckFWVFixes.esp
112 70 Companion Share & Recruit Companions.esp
113 71 V-WTNO.esp
114 72 FWVPerceptionFilterImprovements.esp
115 73 FwvTweak.esp
116 74 DreamweaversRealm.esp
117 75 Existence 2.0.esp
118 76 Caliphate Radio.esp
119 77 RCSS.esp
120 78 Cerulean Robotics Playerhome.esp
121 79 FNV DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol (Hidden).esp
122 7a Alien.esp
123 7b TimeLordArsenal.esp
124 7c Robco Certified OWB Cerulean Fix.esp
125 7d Robco Certified Cooking Handy.esp
126 7e fwv Patch Regeneration Deuglifier.esp
127 7f fwvXoanonDeuglifierCompat.esp
128 80 APMCraftingTTW.esp
129 81 Better Tag Skills.esp
130 82 black robe.esp
131 83 Cannibal Reborn.esp
132 84 A Crime Against Nature.esp
133 85 LFox Cannibal Perk Improvements.esp
134 86 Casino Exchange All.esp
135 87 CASM with MCM.esp
136 88 Classic M72 Gauss Rifle.esp
137 89 Classic MEC Gauss Minigun.esp
138 8a Classic PPK12 Gauss Pistol.esp
139 8b Platinum Radio.esp
140 8c RadioMayak.esp
141 8d LondiniumRadio.esp
142 8e CPRadiostation.esp
143 8f Conelrad 640-1240.esp
144 90 Integration - Couriers Stash.esp
145 91 fwvXoanon_QuestSounds.esp
146 92 V-SWGUN-P.esp
147 93 CommieArmorStandalone.esp
148 94 Vending Machine - Glow.esp
149 95 Cyberware OWB.esp
150 96 Cyberware TTW.esp
151 97 DC Uniques.esp
152 98 DesertersFortressUpdate_V1.1_DemiLore.esp
153 99 ExtraTraitsPack.esp
154 9a ExtraTraitsPack_Favours.esp
155 9b MandalorianNeoCrusaderArmorPack.esp
156 9c fwvDeadMoneySonic.esp
157 9d fwvXoanonNoSPECIALRandomizeOnRegen.esp
158 9e FarmingSomebodyNotBobHH.esp
159 9f FNVOppositeTraits.esp
160 a0 Custom45Auto.esp
161 a1 Custom9mmServiceRifle.esp
162 a2 CustomBrushGun.esp
163 a3 CustomCowboyRepeaterMaresLeg.esp
164 a4 CustomServiceRifle.esp
165 a5 Hereticus Faction Armors Fading.esp
166 a6 ImprovedGeckoLeatherArmor.esp
167 a7 IceColdItAll.esp
168 a8 IceColdTTW.esp
169 a9 JIP Improved Recipe Menu.esp
170 aa Mass Effect Fallout.esp
171 ab Mile in Their Shoes.esp
172 ac Military NV Backpacks - BumBagUseSlot1.esp
173 ad Military NV Backpacks - No Straps.esp
174 ae Military NV Backpacks - Vendor Script Replenish.esp
175 af LFox Missing Ammo Recipes ALL DLC.esp
176 b0 MojaveImportsTTW.esp
177 b1 MoreBeardAndMoustacheStyles.esp
178 b2 More Traits Update.esp
179 b3 My First Laboratory - Reworked.esp
180 b4 PersonalHologram.esp
181 b5 BreakdownLeadPipesIntoRawLead.esp
182 b6 qSkillPerks.esp
183 b7 qSkillPerksDLC01.esp
184 b8 qSkillPerksDLC02.esp
185 b9 qSkillPerksDLC03.esp
186 ba qSkillPerksDLC04.esp
187 bb qSkillPerksDLC05.esp
188 bc RobCo Certified - Craftable Wrench and Saw.esp
Robco Certified 2x Robot Limit with Clothes and Perk Comp.esp
189 bd Robco Certified 4x Robot Limit with Clothes and Perk Comp.esp
Robco Certified 2x Robot Limit with Clothes Comp.esp
Robco Certified 2x Robot Limit.esp
Robco Certified 4x Robot Limit with Clothes Comp.esp
Robco Certified 4x Robot Limit.esp
RobCo Certified ARCAOR.esp
190 be Robco Certified Cyberdog Build Fix.esp
191 bf RobCo Certified Friendly Hit Fixer.esp
192 c0 Robco Certified Infinite Robot Limit.esp
193 c1 RobCo Certified Realistic Prices.esp
194 c2 RoughinItPortableHotplate.esp
195 c3 Scrap Metal to RTS.esp
196 c4 SMVendingMachineCrafting.esp
197 c5 SlaveJail Reloaded - Cortexscrambler.esp
198 c6 SlaveJail Reloaded - HumanTrafficking.esp
199 c7 SnowGlobePerks.esp
200 c8 Sortomatic DLC TTW Fix.esp
201 c9 SortomaticIngredientLoader.esp
202 ca Sprint Mod.esp
203 cb STROBOT-recipesfix.esp
204 cc TTW_ConvertAlienAmmo.esp
205 cd enclave disabler faction.esp
206 ce XFO - 4bb - Perks - Two per level.esp
207 cf Unlimited Traits.esp
208 d0 Tau Drone Companion.esp
209 d1 Tau Ammo Vendor.esp
210 d2 Tyranid Impaler Cannon.esp
211 d3 Necron Gauss Weapons.esp
212 d4 Tau Armor.esp
213 d5 Tau Pulse Weapons.esp
214 d6 Tau Rail Rifle (Gauss Projectile).esp
215 d7 Tau Rail Rifle.esp

Anyone else played this mod with TTW and got it to work? If so, how did you do it?
submitted by Kangarus87 to FalloutWhoVegas [link] [comments]

[FNV] [MOD HELP] Tardis in FWV TTW not showing...

First off, I'd like to say thank you to the Fallout Mods community for your help previously in getting my Tale of Two Wastelands to work properly. Been having fun so far.
Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get my Fallout Who Vegas to run with my TTW; I load a savegame or start a new game, and the TARDIS doesn't show up. There is a crack in Doc Mitchell's house so I know the mod itself is working, it's just when the TARDIS is supposed to show up, it doesn't show.
I've tried reordering the mods to no avail. If someone could take a look at this and my load order and give me some help, I would be grateful for any help.
Here's my mod load list:
0 0 FalloutNV.esm
1 1 DeadMoney.esm
2 2 HonestHearts.esm
3 3 OldWorldBlues.esm
4 4 LonesomeRoad.esm
5 5 GunRunnersArsenal.esm
6 6 Fallout3.esm
7 7 Anchorage.esm
8 8 ThePitt.esm
9 9 BrokenSteel.esm
10 a PointLookout.esm
11 b Zeta.esm
12 c CaravanPack.esm
13 d ClassicPack.esm
14 e MercenaryPack.esm
15 f TribalPack.esm
16 10 TaleOfTwoWastelands.esm
17 11 YUPTTW.esm
18 12 Functional Post Game Ending.esm
19 13 Rebuild the Capitol.esm
20 14 Run the Lucky 38.esm
21 15 Factions Reloaded - Merge.esm
22 16 AWorldOfPain(Preview).esm
23 17 Sortomatic.esm
24 18 Sortomatic-AWOP.esm
25 19 AWorldOfPainFO3.esm
26 1a GaussAmmo.esm
27 1b STRobot-Core.esm
28 1c InstituteRifle.esp
29 1d Regulators.esm
30 1e AnotherInteriorMod.esm
31 1f EnclaveCommanderTTW.esm
32 20 The New Bison Steve Hotel.esm
33 21 Cyberware.esm
34 22 A Trail of Crumbs.esm
35 23 SlaveJail Reloaded.esm
36 24 Shogo_Heavy_Industries.esm
37 25 More Traits.esm
38 26 Companion Core.esm
39 27 RobCo Certified.esm
40 28 DS_WH40K.esm
41 29 Military NV Backpacks.esm
42 2a HumanTrafficking.esm
43 2b Brahmin Bess.esm
44 2c Companion Share & Recruit.esm
45 2d DesertersFortress.esm
46 2e fwv.esm
47 2f More Perks.esm
48 30 cortexscrambler.esm
49 31 Synths of the mojave mstr.esp
50 32 TTW New Vegas Speech Checks.esm
51 33 fwvSpyduckThemeUpdates.esm
52 34 fwvXoanon.esm
53 35 The Mod Configuration Menu.esp
54 36 DarNifiedUINV.esp
55 37 fwv.esp
56 38 fwvXoanon.esp
57 39 The Lucky 38 Empire.esp
58 3a RagsToRiches.esp
59 3b Synths of the mojave wip v1.esp
60 3c 1nivVSLArmors.esp
TTW Lone Courier Dialouge - DC Origins.esp
61 3d TTW Lone Courier Dialogue - Vegas Origins.esp
62 3e fwvXoanonRevisedCompanions.esp
63 3f Functional Post Game Ending - AWOP Patch.esp
64 40 VanGraffOverhaul.esp
65 41 More Perks Update.esp
66 42 Shogo Heavy Industries Grammar Patch.esp
67 43 STRobot-ChemImmunity.esp
68 44 Fallout Who Vegas TTW Addon.esp
69 45 gunsmithingttwRevamp.esp
70 46 USSHoodwink.esp
71 47 BeamMeUp.esp
72 48 SlaveJail Reloaded - Quests.esp
73 49 TTW Cooking Revolution.esp
74 4a TheFalcon.esp
75 4b fwvSpyduckThemeUpdates.esp
76 4c MadScience02.esp
77 4d rtsrevamped.esp
78 4e HumanTraffickingEX.esp
79 4f HandmadeDetonator.esp
80 50 VertibirdCrashSites.esp
81 51 1nivVSLArmorsTTWLevelLists.esp
82 52 TTWHidesAndTanning.esp
83 53 ArmoredVaultSuitsTTW.esp
84 54 CustomAssaultRifle.esp
85 55 CustomChineseAssaultRifle.esp
86 56 STRobot-Companion.esp
87 57 VaultLegendOutfit.esp
88 58 JediAwakening.esp
89 59 Quarian Companion.esp
90 5a DLCSortomatic.esp
91 5b clonetest.esp
92 5c Delay DLC - TTW.esp
93 5d LightSaber--TTW.esp
95 5f fwvXoanon_PersPref.esp
96 60 40K Weapons BaseNV3.esp
97 61 TeslaWeaponsPack.esp
98 62 fwvXoanonOutfitBonuses.esp
99 63 AlienExterminator.esp
100 64 Wasteland Defense.esp
101 65 Wastelanddefenseexpanded.esp
102 66 W40KLasers.esp
103 67 return_deadmoney.esp
104 68 CasinoHeists.esp
105 69 FarmingSomebodyNotBob.esp
106 6a Combined Weapons.esp
107 6b Hedszot's Weapon Pack.esp
108 6c OldWorldScience.esp
109 6d dc15.esp
110 6e fwvXoanonLaserScrewdriverEdits.esp
111 6f spyduckFWVFixes.esp
112 70 Companion Share & Recruit Companions.esp
113 71 V-WTNO.esp
114 72 FWVPerceptionFilterImprovements.esp
115 73 FwvTweak.esp
116 74 DreamweaversRealm.esp
117 75 Existence 2.0.esp
118 76 Caliphate Radio.esp
119 77 RCSS.esp
120 78 Cerulean Robotics Playerhome.esp
121 79 FNV DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol (Hidden).esp
122 7a Alien.esp
123 7b Robco Certified OWB Cerulean Fix.esp
124 7c Robco Certified Cooking Handy.esp
125 7d TimeLordArsenal.esp
126 7e fwv Patch Regeneration Deuglifier.esp
127 7f fwvXoanonDeuglifierCompat.esp
128 80 APMCraftingTTW.esp
129 81 Better Tag Skills.esp
130 82 black robe.esp
131 83 Cannibal Reborn.esp
132 84 A Crime Against Nature.esp
133 85 LFox Cannibal Perk Improvements.esp
134 86 Casino Exchange All.esp
135 87 CASM with MCM.esp
136 88 Classic M72 Gauss Rifle.esp
137 89 Classic MEC Gauss Minigun.esp
138 8a Classic PPK12 Gauss Pistol.esp
139 8b Platinum Radio.esp
140 8c RadioMayak.esp
141 8d LondiniumRadio.esp
142 8e CPRadiostation.esp
143 8f Conelrad 640-1240.esp
144 90 Integration - Couriers Stash.esp
145 91 V-SWGUN-P.esp
146 92 fwvXoanon_QuestSounds.esp
147 93 CommieArmorStandalone.esp
148 94 Vending Machine - Glow.esp
149 95 Cyberware OWB.esp
150 96 Cyberware TTW.esp
151 97 DC Uniques.esp
152 98 DesertersFortressUpdate_V1.1_DemiLore.esp
153 99 ExtraTraitsPack.esp
154 9a ExtraTraitsPack_Favours.esp
155 9b MandalorianNeoCrusaderArmorPack.esp
156 9c FarmingSomebodyNotBobHH.esp
157 9d FNVOppositeTraits.esp
158 9e Custom45Auto.esp
159 9f Custom9mmServiceRifle.esp
160 a0 CustomBrushGun.esp
161 a1 CustomCowboyRepeaterMaresLeg.esp
162 a2 CustomServiceRifle.esp
163 a3 Hereticus Faction Armors Fading.esp
164 a4 ImprovedGeckoLeatherArmor.esp
165 a5 IceColdItAll.esp
166 a6 IceColdTTW.esp
167 a7 JIP Improved Recipe Menu.esp
168 a8 Mass Effect Fallout.esp
169 a9 Mile in Their Shoes.esp
170 aa Military NV Backpacks - BumBagUseSlot1.esp
171 ab Military NV Backpacks - No Straps.esp
172 ac Military NV Backpacks - Vendor Script Replenish.esp
173 ad LFox Missing Ammo Recipes ALL DLC.esp
174 ae MojaveImportsTTW.esp
175 af MoreBeardAndMoustacheStyles.esp
176 b0 More Traits Update.esp
177 b1 My First Laboratory - Reworked.esp
178 b2 PersonalHologram.esp
179 b3 BreakdownLeadPipesIntoRawLead.esp
180 b4 qSkillPerks.esp
181 b5 qSkillPerksDLC01.esp
182 b6 qSkillPerksDLC02.esp
183 b7 qSkillPerksDLC03.esp
184 b8 qSkillPerksDLC04.esp
185 b9 qSkillPerksDLC05.esp
186 ba RobCo Certified - Craftable Wrench and Saw.esp
Robco Certified 2x Robot Limit with Clothes and Perk Comp.esp
187 bb Robco Certified 4x Robot Limit with Clothes and Perk Comp.esp
Robco Certified 2x Robot Limit with Clothes Comp.esp
Robco Certified 2x Robot Limit.esp
Robco Certified 4x Robot Limit with Clothes Comp.esp
Robco Certified 4x Robot Limit.esp
RobCo Certified ARCAOR.esp
188 bc Robco Certified Cyberdog Build Fix.esp
189 bd RobCo Certified Friendly Hit Fixer.esp
190 be Robco Certified Infinite Robot Limit.esp
191 bf RobCo Certified Realistic Prices.esp
192 c0 RoughinItPortableHotplate.esp
193 c1 Scrap Metal to RTS.esp
194 c2 SMVendingMachineCrafting.esp
195 c3 SlaveJail Reloaded - Cortexscrambler.esp
196 c4 SlaveJail Reloaded - HumanTrafficking.esp
197 c5 SnowGlobePerks.esp
198 c6 Sortomatic DLC TTW Fix.esp
199 c7 SortomaticIngredientLoader.esp
200 c8 Sprint Mod.esp
201 c9 STROBOT-recipesfix.esp
202 ca TTW_ConvertAlienAmmo.esp
203 cb enclave disabler faction.esp
204 cc XFO - 4bb - Perks - Two per level.esp
205 cd Unlimited Traits.esp
206 ce Tau Drone Companion.esp
207 cf Tau Ammo Vendor.esp
208 d0 Tyranid Impaler Cannon.esp
209 d1 Necron Gauss Weapons.esp
210 d2 Tau Armor.esp
211 d3 Tau Pulse Weapons.esp
212 d4 Tau Rail Rifle (Gauss Projectile).esp
213 d5 Tau Rail Rifle.esp
214 d6 FWV 51st Century Communicator.esp
215 d7 fwvDeadMoneySonic.esp
216 d8 fwvXoanonNoSPECIALRandomizeOnRegen.esp
Yes, I probably will hear 'too many mods'. I've installed the mod limit fix but it doesn't seem to make any difference. I looked up on the FWV mod site and it says something about the initial loading of DLC interfering with the mod, tried deactivating my DLC delay mod in hopes that it'd fix it but to no avail. I've all but accepted that I won't get FWV to run, but I'm asking for help anyways on the slim hope that I might get it to run after all. I've also posted a similar entry over on the Fallout Who thread, but at the prompting of one of the posters there I've decided to post here to get more people to help. If it can be helped, that would be great as I'd love to add being a Time Lord to my repertoire in the game, if not, then at least I tried asking for help. The only thing I can think to get my mod working is to download a savegame that already has the starting quest completed.
Thank you for your time in any case.
submitted by Kangarus87 to FalloutMods [link] [comments]

Since there’s so many Trump fans here all of a sudden...

Walk me thru why y’all go so hard for him. And I’m hoping someone can address the arguments below directly
“YoUrE jUsT a LiBtArd” I’ll start off by saying I’m not a libtard,(I do act retarted sometimes) and I guess if I have to assign a political affiliation it’d be more center, but this is all just to say I don’t have a pony in this race. My view is that we live in a corporate oligarchy and that the presidential election is corporate sponsored theater pumping two distinct narratives via diff news orgs to sow division.
Now that that’s out the way, Trump has built a career exploiting the middle class with worthless hotels and casinos for decades. His business dealings have always been brand first.
For one, his real estate dealings are full of cut corners including a construction site that used Polish illegals for $4-5 an hour (google the Polish Brigade)
“BuT hEs dOnE sO mUcH fOr bLaCks” thats called saving face bc when the Justice Department sent black testers to apply for one of his apartment complexes they were denied the same apartments that would later be shown to white people. They reached a settlement later but shady at best
“hEs a BuSiNeSs MaN” hes more like a debt machine. The man has accrued billions of dollars of debt for various projects and unconfirmed creditors in the last decade or so. Most notably Deutsche Bank, a relationship Donald abused so much they sued him for 500 mil in 2005 for a loan he defaulted on and eventually fired the executive in charge of his portfolio. That man was Thomas Bowers, he died last year of an apparent ‘suicide’ ( if you wanna travel down THAT rabbit hole
So yeah I can go on but THIS is the guy? This is the swamp drainer? This is the man whose world is made up of bank loans, vanity projects and shit talk? The only thing he seems good at draining is Deutsch bank. I get that it’s nice to not see a career politician and someone who openly criticizes the media. But to think that this man gives one spec of a shit about working class families all of sudden is laughable. He’s not worth simpin for him like you do, but if you think he is, explain
submitted by Vyce44 to conspiracy [link] [comments]

Trouble with Linear Time Continuity

Okay, so this is more like a large set of glitches I've experienced over the years, and I'll avoid the childhood ones. Instead, I'll mention an event from less than a month ago verifying warnings from what I'd like to call nonlinear temporal information messengers.
This is long, but it is weird. I've only told this to a few people, and I hope this is worth the read.
The glitch I'm going to be referring to today is my acting on information that I believed may have saved my life, as info I've been given has helped give me so much peace of mind when life has thrown me curveballs.
Since I've been an adult, I've had TWO separate events in which men of difficult-to- place ethnicity and appearing to be 35-55 years old but hard to place more than that have approached me while I've been working and been around coworkers, both appearing at first to be conversating with me in a work- related way until getting me away enough to tell me they have things that they have been sent to tell me. I am skeptical usually, but over the years, not one thing these men have told me has been a lie.
The first man approached me when I was working an event in the Bahamas for a modeling team I had barely it onto via contests. I was in a large group of ladies, and there were lots of people inside and outside a hotel/casino. He tells me he like to get privacy-- I think he's being a creep, but then he asks if I've been outside yet to enjoy the beach. I hadn't-- it was sunset, people were everywhere, and the beach area was part of the hotel. I went and kept looking back at the hotel while we walked and exited the building.
He then tells me he needed to get me alone because he had a message for me from God. I'd grown up religious but become VERY agnostic/skeptical at this point, so I thought this rich guy was crazy or playing me. He tells me he has a gift from his mother because she had the gift, too, and it's his job to share with me what he is led to tell me. I had said nothing about myself, and there was NO info about me other than the fact I was from the US. I made sure to give him NO info to John Edwards his way into looking like he knew anything. This was in 2006, so looking me up was laughable.
He begins to tell me VERY personal things about myself and my family that I'd never told anyone. He begins to tell me how I feel about some of these things, including guilt, is not right, and that I had to give certain people time to rebuild relationships. He tells me it is okay, almost absolving me of a HUGE burden I'd been carrying. This ended up being true, and it took over a decade to verify.
He tells me I'll have my first child within the year, it will be a girl, and I'll have one or two more children who will be boys much later. I had my daughter less than a year later despite efforts to not get pregnant (ex sabotaged bc and prevented medical care), and I had my son almost thirteen years later this May after thinking I'd never get pregnant again due to lots of doctors telling me I shouldn't have been able to have the first baby.
This man then tells me my current partner at the time is not the person I'm supposed to be with at all. I told him I was trying to make things work with the guy, and the man tells me that my now-ex will die fairly young like early forties or so. However, if I waited that out, his abuse would be so bad that there would be nothing of me left, and my life would be meaningless since I would be broken irreparably.
If I left as soon as I could, life would be hard for a while, but I would be myself. My ex is still alive as he's in his late thirties, but the abuse he meted out as soon as I was pregnant and until I left was bad enough (along with the psychological and other abuse that I'd been oblivious to when this man came along) to match what the man warned me. Until that point, I'd been in denial about the abuse since it hadn't been physical and had never even thought about it not discussed it.
He then describes the man I'm going to end up with as someone older who will love me and run a successful business with me after hard times. This is who the other child(ren)'s father is. We won't be happy until we move to Florida. My partner is almost a decade older than me, we're obsessed with trying to find all sorts of ways to make money now and long-term (we've had a few failed or not- worth-it ventures already), we've definitely had hard times, and he's the father of my newborn. We haven't moved to Florida, but that's come up more than once as a possibility!
The man had kept gingerly putting his arm around me in the least creepy way possible-- like how my dad would do-- and kept looking INTO me as if to make sure I was okay with the information he was giving. He told me everything was going to be okay-- like I'd make the right decisions but I'd needed the data he'd given to get there. I walked back in with him, and everyone had wondered where I'd been. Oddly enough, no one had been outside, and for nearly an hour, I'd had a beautiful Caribbean sunset on the beach with just one other person who seemed to care about ME more than anyone else had in a long time.
I went to grab a drink finally, saw the guy while waiting, and quickly snapped a picture. It is the only picture in my whole trip where there is extreme motion blur despite him not moving. He seemed surprised by the photo and acted like he was shocked I took one.
Later, when the other ladies asked me where I'd been and I told them, they all told me that no one had seen that man. They'd all been standing right by him with me. They said I was alone outside! The picture of him is literally the only thing that made me realize SOMETHING wasn't right, and it wasn't my perception.
I shook this glitch in my life off, even as events unfolded the way he said and even things he left out began to make sense. Then, years later, I was at work as ahem a "dancer," (life had been hard-- someone got criminal charges in my name, so jobs were hard to get in a post-2008 world for a nerdy college grad with an arrest and dropped charges while getting sick from allergies and then-undiagnosed issues lol).
There was a table of regulars with three guys. One guy was always in a suit, and occasionally, you'd see him give a girl money. Another salt-of-the-earth guy would take girls for dances, but it was rare. A third guy sat there and smiled. He looked business casual every day he was there., and he was there often.
After seeing him a few months with none of the guys at that table ever being anything more than polite, I didn't bug him. One day, it was slow, and he flags me over. He then asks if I'd like a palm reading. I get this weird feeling. The guy in the suit looks low-key excited and nods, like he wants me to say yes. The other guy wasn't there.
I say yes, sit down, and give him my palm. He doesn't even look at my palm, my hand drops, and he begins unloading details about me EXACTLY like the last guy, almost like updates on some things from the last time and new information. I am in total shock.
He tells me I'm very sick. I need to get out of that kind of work as I'm very sick and making myself worse. I ask how-- was it my female issues or weird allergy? He says not just that but it was many things. This proved to be true as I have a kind of rare genetic disorder that causes other issues. Working on my feet and not resting like I'd been doing there and at restaurants could have crashed my nervous system.
He tells me specifically that the MAIN thing I need to watch out for is my kidneys. I ask him if they are damaged. He says no, but that I need to be very careful as I could die (almost like earlier than planned) if I don't protect them. I thought wrongly this had to do with my blood pressure being low as that stresses the kidneys when you go untreated like I did for decades.
A few weeks ago, I got bloodwork showing my kidneys were failing and causing anemia. I thought I'd just had an allergic reaction to a med a few weeks prior, but in additionto that, my kidneys had been shutting down. I'd been losing hair in clumps, itching all day, and looked like I was dying, even after discontinuing the meds and taking antihistamines that only helped a few symptoms.
Before I saw my doctor, I began treating the kidney issues. My doctor is not willing to admit the meds did this, but I saw the bloodwork and know. She wants me on more of the same kind of meds, but I'm getting a new doctor. I heard the man warning me replay in my mind my whole visit, so I'm going with that!
Perhaps the most weird is the statement he made when he fussed at me. He told me even more details about the guy I was supposed to be with, and I started trying to figure out how some of that could be true since it didn't match my boyfriend at the time. He looks at me like I'm stupid and says, "He reminds you of the man you're supposed to be with, but he isn't him. You'll see." It was like he thought I had mistaken one man for another outside time-space continuum limitations.
My logic circuits did not like this statement. It rolled around in my brain for MONTHS, on and off. "Reminds" meant I already knew and remembered who I was supposed to be with, but that is in the future, so wtf?! I considered it maybe a fluke or issue with the guy's English. He had a slight accent that was hard to place (like the other guy in the Bahamas), so I filed this glitch statement away.
I got up after the conversation as he also reassured me much like the other man had. Despite working there for a few more months, I never saw him again. I saw the guy in a suit a few times alone and quiet, but not nearly as often. This weirded me out. When I asked girls there about the guys, almost no one knew who I was talking about despite them being there all the time. The girls who did know had seen one guy but not all of them, and no one had seen the ambiguously ethnic guy.
About two years later, I had just broken up with my ex and was out with a friend at an afterhours club on July 4th. It was slow, but she was trying to keep my sanity by keeping me occupied and distracted. I was out on the patio, and the very nice young guy I was talking to about his breakup with his boyfriend (he'd been in tears) had his buddy come out to take him home.
His friend looks at me as he helps his friend up to leave and says, "Why are you out here? Your husband is in there, waiting for you!" The crying young guy looks confused and says something to that effect. The guy tells him it's true and walks him away.
I was shocked as the only guys I'd seen were gay or obviously taken, other than the dj. That's why I'd gone outside to breathe fresh air and feel sorry for myself. I thought the dj was some young guy who thought I was weird after my friend introduced me to him-- she'd brought me there for that purpose. The dj was, in fact, quite a bit older than me and liked that I was weird. Most importantly, he was very single after getting out of a relationship a few months prior. This is my partner.
Shortly after dating, I began noticing LOTS of impossible similarities between him and my ex- boyfriend as to likes, dislikes, hobbies, bad habits, and even personal stories. He was a very different person, but it was almost like my ex had been trying really, really hard to be who my partner is naturally.
My partner said he felt like a replacement due to how many times even my daughter would point out these things. I then remembered:
"He reminds you of the man you're supposed to be with. You'll see."
I told him about this, and my partner was just as confused as I was. When I told him all of the above, he only wants to know smart-ass things like why I didn't ask WHAT the successful thing is we are supposed to do so we can move to Florida already! (He also said all of it was bullshit until I got pregnant, reminded him it would be a boy, and it was!)
I really feel almost like I've had "people" glitch into this reality to help me out through what have been some crazy, dangerous, and seemingly-impossible situations. The advice, analysis, and predictions I've been given have held up.
I also feel like two events happened in these interactions that shouldn't have. The first was the picture. The guy acted like I'd broken some weird rule but didn't guilt-trip me about it. It was like I should've asked him first, but he would have said no anyway.
The second was when the second guy got annoyed with me trying to get my ex to make sense as "the one." It was like he lost composure and explained something in a way that shouldn't have been explained. The conversation was cut not long after that.
Telling me I mistook my ex for someone in the future was SUCH a loaded statement as to the nature of reality and myself. The future was influencing my past, and not just from what they told me but from what I must have subconsciously known about my future. I started realizing some odd events and decisions I'd made over the years backed this up.
The mindfuckery of then trying to decide what I'm doing because I like it and what I'm doing because it makes sense cosmically in a nonlinear temporal fashion became something I tried to avoid pondering. I've had lots of little glitch moments, but what takes the cake is these two men who seemed to not exist glitching in and out of this plane to help me.
Either I'm insane, very psychic, and can manifest photos of nothing into people, or for some weird reason, I'm being looked out for to make sure I have hope when I'm on the edge of being hopeless (later, not at the time of these glitches). I'm very honored that I was given what I was given either way.
Has anyone else ever had anything like this happen?
Also, I really feel like being told I was mistaking something now for something in the future might REALLY apply to some of the stories here! Taking linearity of time out of the equation makes what seem to be synchrocity, Mandela Effects, and weird memories (especially of things that never happened but you avoid like a warning) all rational event types.
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Spent my New Year’s Eve waiting and alone.

I should have known this is how it was going to turn out. I shouldn’t have expected or hoped for anything more.
For the past year, my boyfriend has been struggling with opiates. I’ve tried my best to support him and love him, but he just can’t seem to get past it.
Currently, I’m 8 months pregnant with his child. He has told me (and I’m not sure how much of this I trust or believe) that he is FINISHED with opiates, tobacco, and weed starting Jan 1st. Okay. Neat. Let’s see how that plays out.
Dec 30th he comes home from work early and tells me that he’s going 2.5 hours away to sell some stuff for us to make some money. This is where he goes when he wants to get something he shouldn’t be getting. He told me as much too. I asked that he please not get anything as we can’t even afford rent this month.
No dice.
He gets a pill as soon as he gets down there, then goes to the casino with his buddy. He then doesn’t come home until after 6:30 in the morning. He can’t even stand up straight or talk without slurring, although he’s assured me he only bought one (yeah right). He passes out on the couch at 11:15 AM telling me that if my daughter goes to her grandparents’ to wake him up so that we can have some us time for a few hours. He also says he’s choosing the couch over the bed so that he doesn’t sleep all night.
I try to wake him up from 2:30-6:30 when my daughter is gone. No. He won’t move. Okay. So I wait. I take a shower, do my hair and make up, and put on a nice dress. It’s New Year’s Eve at home, and I thought it’d be fun to look like I was going out! Tried to wake him up again around 9:00, then 10:00. Nothing. So I watch hotel Transylvania with my daughter. Super fun. She goes to bed without being able to say goodnight to him bc he won’t move. I take off my make up and dress (bc what’s the point) and go downstairs to watch a bit of the Queen’s Gambit before coming upstairs at 11:58, hoping that I can wake him up and I can at least get a New Years kiss at midnight.
I wake him up and say it’s 11:59... and he says nothing. He sits up and rolls back the other way on the couch. So I sit there, just not understanding why. I got four hours of sleep the night before because of worrying where he was and if he was okay + being pregnant and having to pee every 10 minutes. How has he slept more than 12 hours? Whatever. I ask for a hug. He just lays down and says nothing.
This is when I start crying. Why? He hasn’t helped me around the house (I’m supposed to be resting...placenta I can’t do much), hasn’t kissed me or hugged me or said I love you. As I’m crying he starts getting frustrated, and I asked him to please stop as I was trying to stop crying. He gets up and yells that I am the saddest person he has ever met, and leaves to go smoke a cigarette. I sit there on the couch by myself just waiting. And I start crying again.
He went back to sleep at 12:30 and is still sleeping now at 8:00 AM. I wonder how many times he’s going to get mad at me today for being sad.
Happy new year to me. Doesn’t seem like this year will be great or good or exciting or hopeful or whatever else people are saying, but maybe it will be.
Happy New Year everyone.
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Top 100 UHC Intros V6 - The Voting

Top 100 UHC Intros - The Voting

The Shortlist
As I mentioned on the submissions post, this year we have sorted through and refined the list of intros available for the community to vote on. Last years competition saw over 400 nominations which we feel detered people from voting as going through them all was too big of a project, so this year we have a much more manageable list of 245 intros for you to vote on. Information about how we chose the shortlist can be found in the comments below. I want to thank Brodator, Chainge & SidGarcia for the amazing work they’ve done helping me narrow down the list down to the intros below.
Points system
This will be the exact same values as the previous couple of years, as follows:

10th 5 points

9th 6 points

8th 7 points

7th 8 points

6th 9 points

5th 10 points

4th 12 points

3rd 14 points

2nd 17 points

1st 20 points

How to vote!
  1. Open the Google Survey and enter your reddit username for validation purposes. (If I see a reddit name I don't recognize, I can look at the account to see if someone made it just to enter more votes.)
  2. If you don't have a reddit account, Enter your IGN. You get your 1 vote, using multiple Reddit alts will result in immediate vote deletion.
  3. Next, you can vote. There will be 3 separate technical "top 10" lists you can fill out. Only filling out one list is required, but I encourage you do all of them!
  4. Your answers must begin with the THREE DIGIT CODE for that intro, not the intro name. You can give the name also but it isn't mandatory and must come second. Your answers themselves must be formatted as either of the following: 001 - Abstraction S3 or simply 001. Unacceptable responses: "Abstraction S3", or even "1". Incorrect formatting will result in that entire list being disqualified.
  5. Submit your response and wait to see how your favourites performed in the upcoming Top 100 video!


Deadline to vote is Wednesday 2nd December @23:59 UTC giving you roughly 2 weeks to vote!

List of Intros

Here you can find a playlist with every intro on this list if you want to watch them all first! I am pretty certain the numbers correlate to the number for the intro but please vote based off the numbers on this post incase there are any errors.
001 - Season 3
002 - Season 4
003 - Season 5
004 - Season 6
005 - Season 7
006 - Season 8
007 - Season 10
008 - Season 11
009 - Season 13
010 - Season 9
011 - Season 1
012 - Season 8
013 - Season 10
014 - Season 12
015 - Season 13
All Stars
016 - Season 3
017 - Season 4
018 - Season 5
019 - Season 3
020 - Season 4
021 - Season 1
022 - Season 13
023 - Season 15
024 - Season 19
Animated to Life
025 - Season 6
026 - Season 7
027 - Season 10
Around the World
028 - Season 1
029 - Season 3
030 - Season 2
031 - Season 4
Aureus Pupillam
032 - Season 10
033 - Season 8
Back in Time
034 - Season 3
035 - Season 4
036 - Season 5
037 - Season 6
038 - Season 7
039 - Season 30
040 - Season 33
Block Chaos
041 - Season 11
042 - Season 2
043 - Season 4
044 - Season 5
045 - Season 5
046 - Season 1
047 - Season 2
250 - Season 3 (Numbers out of order as it was a late entry)
048 - Season 11
049 - Season 5 Alternate
050 - Season 8
051 - Season 9
052 - Season 10
053 - Season 8
054 - Season 1
055 - Season 3
056 - Season 5
057 - Redux
058 - Refraction
059 - Season 1
060 - Season 2
061 - Season 6
062 - Season 8
247 - Season 9 (Numbering is different due to inclusion after the initial numbers list was made)
Clash of the Underdogs
063 - Season 1
064 - Season 2
065 - Season 1
066 - Season 2
067 - Season 7
068 - Season 1
069 - Season 3
070 - Season 2
071 - Season 4
072 - Season 5
073 - Season 4
074 - Season 6
075 - Season 7
076 - Season 2
077 - Season 4
078 - Season 5
079 - Season 3
080 - Season 9
081 - Season 4
082 - Season 4
083 - Season 9
084 - Season 1
085 - Season 10
086 - Season 11
087 - Season 2
088 - Season 5
089 - Season 6
090 - Season 8
091 - Season 2
092 - Season 2
093 - Season 2
Dire Straits
094 - Season 1
Draft Crafters
095 - Season 7
End of the World
096 - Season 1
097 - Season 1
098 - Season 6
099 - Season 4
100 - Season 9
101 - Season 11
102 - Season 14
248 - Season 16 (Numbering is different as it was accidentally missed from the shortlist)
103 - Season 19
104 - Season 20
105 - Season 6
106 - Season 11
107 - Season 3
108 - Season 5
109 - Season 6
110 - Season 7
111 - Season 8
112 - Season 4
Flip the Script
113 - Season 1
Flip the Switch
114 - Season 1
115 - Season 4
116 - Season 6
117 - Season 11
118 - Season 6
119 - Season 5
120 - Season 7
Golden Globe
121 - Season 3
122 - Season 1
Harmony Hollow
123 - Season 1
Heroes in Battle
124 - Season 13
Hilt & Quiver
125 - Season 9
126 - Season 2
127 - Season 4
251 - Season 1 (Numbers out of order due to being a late entry)
128 - Season 1
129 - Season 3
130 - Season 5
131 - Season 9
132 - Season 16
133 - Season 17
134 - Season 1
135 - Season 6
136 - Season 5
137 - Season 7
Miners Up Above
138 - Season 1
139 - Season 6
140 - Season 1
245 - Season 1 (Numbering is different due to inclusion after the initial numbers list was made)
141 - Season 3
142 - Season 4
143 - Season 1
144 - Season 2
145 - Season 2
New Dawn
146 - Season 11 (SidGarcia)
246 - Season 12 (SidGarcia (Numbering is different due to inclusion after the initial numbers list was made)
147 - Season 13
148 - Season 14
New Dawn VS International RR Clash
149 - Season 1
150 - Season 1
151 - Season 2
152 - Season 5
153 - Season 6
154 - Season 7 (ShutUpBrick)
On the Fly
155 - Season 2
156 - Season 3
Out of Orbit
157 - Season 4
158 - Season 5
159 - Season 7
160 - The Final Mission
Over the Top
161 - Season 8
162 - Season 1
163 - Season 2
164 - Season 3
165 - Season 4
Party of One
166 - Season 2
167 - Season 3
168 - Season 10
169 - Season 11
170 - Season 12
171 - Season 3
172 - Season 7
173 - Season 9
174 - Season 10
175 - Season 11
176 - Season 13
177 - Season 14
178 - Season 15
179 - Season 16
180 - Season 5
181 - Season 6
182 - Season 7
183 - Season 10
184 - Season 2
185 - Season 2
186 - Season 3
187 - Season 1
188 - Season 4
189 - Season 2
190 - Season 2
191 - Season 4
Rising Stars
192 - Season 3
Risk and Reward
193 - Season 12
194 - Season 7
195 - Season 8
196 - Season 9
197 - Season 5
198 - Season 6
199 - Season 7
200 - Season 1
201 - Season 6
202 - Season 10
249 - Season 9 (Numbering out of order due to late entry)
203 - Season 3
204 - Season 4
205 - Season 5
206 - Season 6
207 - Season 1
208 - Season 2
209 - Season 4
210 - Season 2
Tell the Tale
211 - Season 1
212 - Season 3 Original
The Divine Comedy
213 - Season 1
214 - Season 3
215 - Season 4
The Great Frontier
216 - Season 6
217 - Season 7A
218 - Season 9
To The End
219 - Season 9
220 - Season 12
221 - Season 14
222 - Season 17
223 - Season 19
224 - Season 20
225 - Season 21
226 - Season 2
227 - Season 7
228 - Season 4
229 - Season 5
230 - Season 7
When Miners Cry
231 - Season 13
232 - Season 16
233 - Season 17
234 - Season 20
235 - Season 24
236 - Season 25
237 - Season 26
238 - Season 27
239 - Season 7
World Cup
240 - 2018
241 - 2019
242 - 2020
243 - Season 1
244 - Season 3

Happy voting!

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Stories from a former teller > personal banker > relationship banker > business banker

Just a couple of memorable ones from each position.
When I first started I was training at a very busy branch—there is a metro station right outside and in four hours I can run though a fat stack of checks... besides the irritating regulars throwing their deposit registrar under the glass shield at me, that assume I should know who they are because they’re regulars (I’m new and they never saw me before!)
I had someone deposit twenty checks and none of them was being read by the scanner...when I apologized to the depositor bc of the wait, they then said oh yeah, our printer ran out of the check paper so I had to use regular paper to print.
moved to my new branch shortly, a few blocks away but much slower and the clientele much higher in $$$$$. We got a call from the private bank division that a client wants to withdraw $200k in cash so we had to order it bc the client wanted all $100. Turns out he’s a hedge fund manager (googled him and his pay is 20plus mm) who was going to Vegas and the casinos there won’t be able to accommodate? Something about a limit of $50k but it was sure fun running through the cash prior to him uploading it in his briefcase.
we also sell gift cards but not many people know/buy...I had one memorable purchase from a husband who wanted to get a nice Valentine’s Day gift for his wife of ten years. He asked me how much he should get, then when he undercut my suggestion, he made a fuss about the card. He literally inspected all the cards we had before picking one that was “satisfactory” (mind you they’re all new/unused).
I’m also not sure why older men feel it’s okay to wink, grab my hand or try as I pass money under the glass, etc. I never realized how much harassment tellers are subjected to until I was one.
Personal banker:
Same branch where I was a teller. It’s a really nice location, like, we had a young, early twenties guy come in asking about interest rates. After seeing his profile w/$100kish, I asked about his outside banking relationships and he had $10mm. Turns out he and his brother are incredibly smart, founded a start up and sold it for 20mm. In that same branch, not me but another colleague, sat down with someone who ended up pooping in his pants. We didn’t want to clean the chair or subject anyone to cleaning it so we got permission from the district manager to throw it away and purchase a new one.
The best was the local businesses in particular, the manager of a candy store, would always come in with free candy for us. It’s a specialty store with candy from UK.
Relationship banker:
I got promoted to another new branch, but during this process (while waiting for the new branch to open) I also helped out at another branch. This was a bit near the panhandle area of our city and so naturally we’d get a mixture of regular folks and folks who are on ss/first of the month. I had a client sit with me, seeking a personal loan. Unfortunately being one of the big banks that’s not Wells Fargo, we don’t do them. I looked at his profile and tried to see what happened. He tells me he’s two months behind rent, that he’s about to be kicked out, he has no family etc...and I felt really bad for him so I asked, what his rent is, and I noticed he had ss and another govt deposit go in every month. Because of his situation, his rent is very very low. Like $200-300 where a one bedroom would normally be $2000. He gets total about $800 so I was not understanding why he was near zero until I looked at the transactions. He had atm withdrawal at a casino. When I asked about that, his face changed from tears to one of anger in 30 seconds. The transformation stays with me to this day. The best I could do was walk him to a CU to see if they could help but I honestly didn’t know what to say or do..
I eventually got stolen or poached by another manager and the location I worked at was a mixture of great and horrible. It’s an uppity area still but in a suburb neighborhood vs financial district hub. There were just the really nice clients who’re rich rich. The annoying clients who think they’re rich because they have some money. And then the crazy clients.
Blue glasses lady: let’s see. Always overdrafts her account (we’ve refunded so many) and my manager lets her cash checks against her -$500 account because she gets direct deposit from the government. Can’t stand her and I’m not the type of person that will kiss ass but I also don’t have a poker face so I guess she felt affronted by that and made a compliant. My only complaint ever so no sweat. I just don’t understand why they take her seriously. She tells me stories like how she works with the fbi to foil alien attacks. I kid you not.
Bat crazy lady: yes there is one crazier then blue glasses lady but she’s actually more sad. She has dementia but refuses to get help. She has a small (when you think of where we live and the fact that she has no incoming income or any other income) account of just under $200k. This is how crazy she day she will come in, demanding for the slips she says she didn’t sign...for the statements..etc..because she does come in to withdraw and then later on denies it. She’s not trying to rip us off. She’s just bonkers. We show her it and she says it’s forged. We never do this...but for her we pulled security tapes to show it’s her, to her...her response? Her exhusband is trying to steal all her money and hired a lookalike and somehow he’s just mysteriously not on the tape. She has moments of clarity where she’ll come in with cupcakes for us to apologize I guess for previous behavior? Or just because? I never listen to her really I just smile and nod. My coworker told me that she has a daughter and son and I guess they don’t speak to her anymore. It’s tough when you have mental illness...
Business Banker:
I was very good at this. Open accounts with 0% error and I’m talking complex ones like a partnership that is owned by a partner that is an llc whose member is a trust. Short story, I was getting burned out (four years total from teller to including sbs) and one of my business client’s business took off. She had started a project with the goal of raising 20k, and raised well over a million in the first couple of months. Quit her job and convinced me to go along the ride.
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How to create a 24-word Seed Phrase using Dice and Linux Command-Line

Disclaimer: This is for educational purposes only.
This is the revised version of a post I made several months ago. It no longer requires the python scripting to derive the checksum which has removed several steps and made the process much more streamlined. There is only 2 commands used now, bc or basic calculator which is a utility built into linux and the shasum command to derive the checksum. Everything you need (besides dice) is built-in to tails or whatever linux distro you choose.
Besides the entropy source, this is basically the same process your hardware wallet uses to pick your 24 words. Popular Hardware wallets have a built-in TRNG (True Random Number Generator) that is certified by a third party. The TRNG chip generates the random binary needed to create the seed. Instead of trusting the TRNG chip to generate the random binary we are going to use dice instead. You could also use a coin if you want to flip and record 256 flips. If you do that you can go straight to step 11.
The BIP39 dictionary contains 2048 words, each of these words represents 11 binary bits (0 or 1). To create our own mnemonic we start by generating 256 bits of random binary then calculating the rest of the checksum.
The entire process will be done only using the standard terminal built-in to tails (and other linux distros). All base converisons will be done in the linux terminal using the 'bc' or Basic Calculator command. Calculating the checksum will use the shasum command.
This is for educational purposes to learn how bip39 mnemonics work and the checksum are derived. I highly suggest not using seeds derived using this or similar methods to protect funds unless you are 100% sure you know what you are doing.
Tools needed:

Create BIP39 Mnemonic with Dice

Picture Album -
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The Good 'Ole Days: A comparison of RHOBH Season 2 and Season 10

Adrienne hosts a dinner party for Camille where Ken insults Taylor’s marriage. The group travel to Camille’s house in Colorado where Taylor opens up about her marriage. Adrienne, Paul, and Kim go to a NBA Sacramento game which Adrienne’s family owns and Adrienne questions Kim’s sobriety. Kyle has a cocktail party to introduce Brandi to everybody, Adrienne has a bbq where Brandi and Camille bond. Vanderpump throws a dinner party where Pandora’s engagement is announced. Adrienne tells Kyle about Kim’s erratic behavior and Kyle admits she doesn’t like Brandi which Adrienne turns around to meet with Brandi to tell her to show everybody her fun side. Dana throws a game night. Camille offends Dana. Kim offends Brandi. Brandi accuses Kim of being on drugs. Kyle insults Brandi’s parenting skills. Brandi lashes out with threats like "I'm going to kill you!" Camille and Taylor talk about why Brandi is so bothered by the "slut" accusations. Lisa tried to teach Adrienne how to cook a chicken. Adrienne hosts a spa get-together at her house where Brandi storms out after refusing to apologize for comments about Kim. Kyle and Kim then start arguing. An article appears in “Us” magazine about Russell and Taylor’s marriage and they think Lisa is responsible for it. Lisa’s friend Mohamed throws a huge engagement party for Pandora and Kim is a no-show. Taylor tells Kyle how she doesn’t like Lisa. Kyle hosts a seance at her house for the ladies. Kim is revealed to have a new boyfriend. Adrienne has a birthday party for Paul, Taylor is nominated for an award and invites everybody except Lisa. Lisa hosts a tea party at her house and Taylor reveals her true feelings about Lisa and then Taylor gets mad at everybody else for not saying something since they have talked bad about Lisa also. Taylor storms out and while she is gone, the others discuss the truth about Taylor's marriage. When Taylor comes back, Camille lays it all on the table, including the claims of Russell's domestic violence. Camille and Taylor continue their argument and Camille storms out, calling Taylor a liar and subsequently ruining their friendship. Lisa and Taylor put an end to their feud and promise to tell the truth from now on, which makes Kyle uncomfortable. Dana helps Taylor throw a lavish birthday party for her daughter. Kim moves in with her boyfriend. Adrienne has a glamorous backyard fashion show where Taylor fears running into Camille and Adrienne confronts Lisa bc Adrienne feels offended when Lisa plans to throw her daughter's bachelorette party in Planet Hollywood, which is Adrienne's competition. Mauricio throws a dinner party at their house and Kyle invites Faye Resnick. Lisa designs her new restaurant SUR. Brandi throws a nice Malibu Beach Party and Kim decides not to go hoping to avoid confrontation with Brandi. At the party, tension between Taylor and Camille reach a boiling point when Camille's friend D.D. defends Camille and Taylor goes off the deep end. Lisa and Taylor descend on Las Vegas for Pandora's bachelorette party while Adrienne takes the other ladies to her casino for their own wild time. Kyle throws her annual white party and when Taylor's husband threatens a lawsuit against Camille, the women worry they could be next and uninvited Taylor from the White Party. At the party, Kim confronts Brandi and the claws come out. The group then heads to Hawaii while Taylor copes with her troubled marriage back in LA. Kim misses her first 2 flights and Mauricio confronts Kim about lying too much. Lisa starts to grow closer to Brandi. Taylor calls Lisa and Kyle from Beverly Hills to tell them that she and Russell are getting divorced. Kyle finally breaks down and tells Kim how she feels about her strange and irresponsible behavior and an argument starts over dinner. Dana confronts Taylor about her ruined marriage. Lisa throws a party at her new restaurant SUR where Brandi and Scheana come face-to-face. Cedric returns and has a confrontation with Lisa. A disheveled Kim breaks down and tells Kyle the truth about her boyfriend Ken. Taylor tells the others the real story about her marriage and we end with Pandora’s epic wedding.

Denise may or may not have slept with Brandi?
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Kylin AMA recap — with Crypto Society -28 December 2020 Dylan Dewdney | Kylin Network — CEO

Link to AMA Recap
Dylan Dewdney | Kylin Network — CEO
Let’s do it!
Bilo 2000
It’s our pleasure to have you with us today, Dylan Dewdney, Kylin Network’s CEO. I would like to welcome you here on behalf of our entire community.
Dylan Dewdney | Kylin Network — CEO
Thanks so much and look forward!
Bilo 2000
Could we begin with a brief history of yourself and your team, and your roles at Kylin Network and what you were doing before Kylin Network?
Dylan Dewdney | Kylin Network — CEO
I’ll try and keep it brief, though it’s a pretty long story tbh:
For me:
1) I wanted to be an academic, and I was really interested in revolutions and social movements throughout history. In paradigmatic revolutions, ideas about Hegelian Dialectics, punk ethos, the Situationists, etc.
2) Started to get into ideas about value in online life in 2006–7
in game currencies and economies
then discovered BTC randomly in late 2010
Shelved it in my mind then came across it again late 2011, and just got progressively more involved in the space/industry
Lots of twists and turns
That’s me in a nutshell. Re: the team:
We are a pretty deep group, and I am unsure of other groups in Polkadot space at least with as many heavyweights involved
We were all sort of biding our time until a technical framework came along that we felt could comprehensively, and economically solve the Oracle Problem.
We felt that was Polkadot. When the time was right, we struck.
Bilo 2000
Thanks for indulging — Always interested in hearing about revolutionaries like you and many in this ecosystem :)
Can you tell us about why you thought Kylin Network needed to be built and what problem it solves?
How did Kylin Network start?
Dylan Dewdney | Kylin Network — CEO
I felt that the Oracle Problem needed to be solved, that is, how do we connect real world events and info to the chain?
I didn’t think it could be solved adequately until Polkadot came along. I think the idea was that ERC-20 / ethereum was the route to a lot of this, but the technical team there really sat a lot tbh. I know this because I know people close to the highest levels of that team and some people were literally just chilling for a while.
Bilo 2000
Nice! — thanks
Dylan Dewdney | Kylin Network — CEO
I might be speaking out of turn, but we needed a framework and we needed a technical innovation in order to unlock the potentiality of an economical oracle solution
That was contained in Polkadot — there are still some major challenges ahead, but the basic way forward of a shared relay chain is the correct way IMO
Bilo 2000
How would you describe Kylin Network if you were talking to someone unfamiliar with digital assets?
Dylan Dewdney | Kylin Network — CEO
If they were completely unfamiliar with digital assets, I’d say, well, you know google and Facebook are ad companies, right? And these companies form an overall global economy based on the buying and selling of data. Well, what if this buying and selling of data was not centralized? What if companies could monetize any sort of data they wanted, or hook into premium data feeds and squeeze value where they couldn’t before?
Bilo 2000
Very interesting
Dylan Dewdney | Kylin Network — CEO
That’s what Kylin represents in the long-term vision.
The low-hanging fruit and the easier part quite frankly is enabling the DeFi world in crypto, which depends on reliable price feeding. If I’m selling apples, I need to know how much people will pay
We help people have a reliable picture of the price of apples
Bilo 2000
Thanks — great explanation!
Dylan Dewdney | Kylin Network — CEO
my pleasure!
Bilo 2000
Some more technical questions here:
Dylan Dewdney | Kylin Network — CEO
Bilo 2000
If you run a validator or nominator on either Polkadot or Kusama, does that increase your chances to be able to run a Kylin validator in the earliest stages of Kylin Network?
Dylan Dewdney | Kylin Network — CEO
Well, yes, in a circumspect, way, though
We have a vetting process to become part of the first round of validators and one of the indicators would likely be that
Bilo 2000
Since you are building as a project in the DOT ecosystem: what are your plans for the rococo testnet, and eventually for the DOT parachain auctions in 2021? What is your goal and how do you intend to achieve it?
Dylan Dewdney | Kylin Network — CEO
As soon as the POC testnet is done, we will press forward.
With respect to the parachain auctions, we are gathering resources for a massive shot at this IMO.
The goal is to get to parachain, of course, but the biggest goal is use and use cases and people getting value out of what we are up to.
Bilo 2000
As a decentralized data network, and mainnet en route for q1 2021 are there already established use-cases, i.e. concrete partnerships in the sectors that you list as possible applications on your main site, that you could reveal or describe?
Dylan Dewdney | Kylin Network — CEO
Just to be clear, mainnet is probably late q2 (if not q3)
Established use case is clear: traditional oracle services for which we have already announced many partnerships (and more to come!): tidal, reef, deficliq, etc. etc.
Bilo 2000
Ok — good to know — thanks for correcting that
Dylan Dewdney | Kylin Network — CEO
These projects are willing to partner based on this use case alone as we are able to provide oracle services extremely economically (i.e. we will likely power our own basic price feed)
With respect to use cases outside of price feeding for defi — there are some concrete things we’ve been discussing with partners: i.e. helping them monetize idle data and data sets behind a KYL-enabled paywall. A lot of the info at the command of these projects is extremely valuable.
Bilo 2000
Thanks — I will get to some of the oracle type question further on in the conversation
Dylan Dewdney | Kylin Network — CEO
In addition, there are cool innovation paths that — to some extent — have value to society that can’t really be measured in crypto or dollars like validating election outcomes, or unfettering the concentration of wealth to the centralization of the internet
Bilo 2000
That’s great and actually leads down a path where I personally am seeing more and more adoption of social benefits rather than only financial ones. Good on you and your team!
love your gifs btw :)
Dylan Dewdney | Kylin Network — CEO
One thing that I’m particularly keen on helping to kick-start is the monetization of genomic data
Bilo 2000
That requires a high level of privacy — how do you address that?
Dylan Dewdney | Kylin Network — CEO
People can literally start potentially whole companies on the basis of an ideation within Kylin
Dylan Dewdney | Kylin Network — CEO
One of the bottlenecks is that indeed.
Bilo 2000
Fair enough — very glad to see that it’s an acknowledged challenge which only means it’s something you view as essential
Bilo 2000
When it comes to Application Scenarios, Kylin mentions “automatic payment of insurance such as flight delay insurance” and “off-chain real-time price data” as well as “casinos and games.” Are you engaged with non BC real world companies in relation to these scenarios and if so can you tell us more, even some names if possible please?
Dylan Dewdney | Kylin Network — CEO
Kylin allows a framework whereby data can be bought and sold in a decentralized way. This element has been missing previously, so projects like these:
have had sort of a basic issue in the past that they’ve needed some framework to address this, but they just haven’t until now
Dylan Dewdney | Kylin Network — CEO
So these companies have a way to actualize your genomic data, but not really an effective way to address market creation in a decentralized manner
Bilo 2000
What is the Kylin token used for? Can you describe the Tokenomics?
Dylan Dewdney | Kylin Network — CEO
This is actually a slow process getting enterprise-level (non-BC) companies involved. You typically need to get engaged with their innovation departments and/ or BC inno deps. If they have them. We are starting those convos now
But yes, it looks very promising that an insurance company would like to get in front of something that could easily erode an aspect of their business (flight insurance). In this example, Kylin would be driving the results to know when payouts would, occur in a highly efficient flight insurance application of some kind.
Bilo 2000
Thanks for your detailed answers
Dylan Dewdney | Kylin Network — CEO
Kylin token is:
1) staking and arbitration of nodes, 2) access — for example behind a paywall 3) governance
Bilo 2000
Thanks — what percentage of the total supply is already sold and what are the plans for the public trading coming up?
Dylan Dewdney | Kylin Network — CEO
Approx. 17% of tokens are spoken for either through investment or advisory
Bilo 2000
Thanks — Do you know when the token will be made available for buying/trading and where?
Dylan Dewdney | Kylin Network — CEO
Re: public trading, in all likelihood we will list on a tier 1 or 1.5 exchange with a concurrent liquidity event (I personally like Polkastarter a lot).
The timing for this is still Jan/Feb.
Bilo 2000
That’s fantastic! Looking forward to this
What is the most powerful narrative which drive tokenomics in the current zeitgeist of DeFi and desire for yields?
Dylan Dewdney | Kylin Network — CEO
Bilo 2000
moving on ;)
Dylan Dewdney | Kylin Network — CEO
True though, no?
Bilo 2000
Very true!!! lol
Dylan Dewdney | Kylin Network — CEO
I think despite that, though (and less cynically), is the narrative that sees DeFi to finance as basically what email was to postal services
Bilo 2000
Is Kylin Network disruptive and if so how so? & Would you consider Kylin a competitor to Chainlink or other oracles?
Dylan Dewdney | Kylin Network — CEO
I see us as more constructive than disruptive in the sense that we are not really trying to say, ‘hey we are disrupting this or that established industry” — it’s more like we are building something entirely new.
We are laying out an entirely new path toward a globalized, decentralized data economy that people will imagine on. Kylin is a sandbox, ultimately.
Not directly, no, though we certainly include these services and it’s very likely that if we achieve everything we want to we would be a natural choice for anyone wanting them
Bilo 2000
Does what your building compete with other oracles though or does your oracle do something different that they don’t?
Dylan Dewdney | Kylin Network — CEO
We compete directly in the sense we accomplish same function. I think the way we do it is more robust and ultimately more sustainable in the long-term bc of where we are building — Polkadot. Oracle services are going to be pretty cheap very soon I think. The more important play IMO is actualizing the overall data economy
Though most people focus on the oracle + defi dynamic
Bilo 2000
Thanks — That’s perfect. Its more interesting to investors I think to see new projects competing with the older ones — This drives re-innovation as well
Dylan Dewdney | Kylin Network — CEO
Bilo 2000
Speaking of which, there are several Oracles both on DOT and other platforms. Some of these are giants like Link, Band etc. All these projects will compete against each other for the available market share. Is there a way to collaborate with the competitors rather than compete for the market share pie?
Dylan Dewdney | Kylin Network — CEO
I don’t think we need to tbh — and I see obsolescence for any project focusing only on oracle
Bilo 2000
Clear — Thanks
Dylan Dewdney | Kylin Network — CEO
The thing is that, logically, why would you not, all things being equal, use a handful of oracles?
Bilo 2000
Could you please provide us with some challenges Kylin has faced but overcome?
Dylan Dewdney | Kylin Network — CEO
Definitely the beginning. Just establishing that we were a real, legitimate project could be tough. You can take it personally at times. Then the web 3 grant. Pitching our first advisory members. Getting our first funders. The daily challenges both personal and professional that always intervene.
Bilo 2000
I’m sure this was not easy
Dylan Dewdney | Kylin Network — CEO
We were extremely strategic, that said, about our timing and the market conditions and focus on oracle + Polkadot definitely have helped
Bilo 2000
This might be tied to the question above, but as we all understand oracles face this problem of high costs and difficulty in feeding off-chain data. Could you please expand on how Kylin is looking to break through this problem?
Dylan Dewdney | Kylin Network — CEO
and in this space, it’s a nail-biting procedure not rushing investment (to get the right investors), but knowing how volatile everything is too, and some broader macro thing could happen making that super hard
The issue is technical — it’s a sequential chain on ethereum: everyone is in line to get their lunch at the cafeteria, which tries to serve a variety of ok food at once to the broadest possible audience (and as anyone who has tried the meatloaf will know, it’s ok, but nothing amazing). The parallel-ness of Polkadot is more like a bunch of food trucks that share a power source and serve each person in a specific way to their needs: taco truck, burgers, Chinese, etc. etc.
Most prosaic and accessible way I can put it
Bilo 2000
That’s perfect — Concise and well explained as usual 😁
Dylan Dewdney | Kylin Network — CEO
To extend that analogy further so it really makes sense:
Say the cafeteria has a pizza day, well, lines will be long
Pizza day is interest congestion
Bilo 2000
hahaha — You’re making me hungry now 😋
Dylan Dewdney | Kylin Network — CEO
Haha anyway, clearly haven’t eaten yet
But yeah, there’s a problem of throughput in providing oracle services via eth
But, yeah, in Polkadot, another food truck (serving pizza) just rolls up and parks
Bilo 2000
Who are you primarily targeting as a consumer of the products and services that Kylin will offer? Government, Business, or retail markets?
Dylan Dewdney | Kylin Network — CEO
All tbh — there’s no ultimate primary target, per se. in the beginning, we will be working through Kylin Labs primarily to drive use cases within crypto-oriented businesses, but concurrently, we will drive conversations with paths to traditional business, banking, etc. everybody needs useful, validated data, and/or can sell it
The same way that defi operationalized idle crypto assets, Kylin will operationalize idle data
Bilo 2000
Ok thanks — its good in that you have a wide horizon of possibilities
How are you with time? How much time do you have left for us?
Dylan Dewdney | Kylin Network — CEO
8 minutes
Bilo 2000
ok — will rush through😰
Out of your ecosystem fit partners you have listed on your website and in your white paper(the same 6 in both places, with the addition of Phala on the website), you have publicly announced partnerships with a few of them. Have you been in contact with all of them about future collaborative efforts?
Can you tell us why the newly announced partnership with Plasma play is important and can you let us know if there plans for more such partnerships in the future?
Dylan Dewdney | Kylin Network — CEO
…Unfortunately — this AMA has been awesome so far
Bilo 2000
No worries mate — If you can’t answer a question now; you can answer it later if you are rushed.
Dylan Dewdney | Kylin Network — CEO
Those examples were more how we saw ourselves evolving — i.e. potential ecosystem. In any case, we are on the mark, and I do expect them all to probably become integrated as time goes on.
Bilo 2000
Thanks Dylan — Do you wish to let us know anything else that was not covered in the questions above?
Dylan Dewdney | Kylin Network — CEO
and yes, we are close to every crypto project listed there
Plasma Pay is important bc we see us co-evolving really well together
no, I think we are pretty good!
Bilo 2000
Thank you for your time in answering our questions here today. We are all very appreciative of your time and of the answers you have provided.
Kindly choose the question you found the most interesting so that we can provide the person that asked that question with the prize.
Dylan Dewdney | Kylin Network — CEO
It’s been a total pleasure
Bilo 2000
With this, we will open up the chat for those who wish to personally thank you for your time with us here today.
Dylan Dewdney | Kylin Network — CEO
This one was excellent!
Thanks so much to your community for having me today. Really truly appreciate you guys giving me the time to talk about Kylin and asking such great questions.
Please check us out at:
Polkadot based project news and AMAs:
Crypto Society TG Group:
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i was playing an invite only (as to not get grieved non stop doing set ups) and did about 4 and a half hours of the new heist prep, was getting the pass from the parking garage of the casino and it bugged and didn’t register me entering the parking garage so i reset the app, when i tried to log back in it said “your save data could not be loaded” so i cleared the cache by holding R1 on the way back into the game and it literally deleted everything i did today and doesn’t even have me purchased a submarine.... to say i’m pissed is a understatement. any clue on what to do? literally 4 hours or heist prep gone bc their game glitched.
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JoJo's Bizarre OC Tournament #5 - Round 2 Match 10 - Bert and Emilie "Dread" Delacroix vs John "Jack" Aurel

The results are in for Match 8.
Agnes and Arpeggi, in their shrunken states, continued to fight, surrounded by the rising flames of their lilliputian tower, fists flying and Stand blows being taken one after the other.
“You… Callous mother fucker!” Arpeggi cursed, Agnes feeling the singe of a heat blast both from behind and from launched wood. “We’re not aiming for a massacre!”
“You’re not,” Agnes spat out, then, pulling a tab on the table, a massive geyser erupting and launching his so-called ally away, “I don’t give a fuck about this place, and we’re in a Stand battle… And it’s all worthless, greedy scumbags watching! Let the fire spread! Let this place hit the ground so they see what someone with style can do!”
“You heard it here, folks! Agnes talked you all down… C’mon, where’s your passion! Don’t run out and away, c’mon! And here I thought you cared y’had money ridin’ on this…”
Conqueror Worm’s laughs reverberated as Glitch and William found themselves cooled by Ocean Eyes’ nectar, which found itself dissolving quickly but, for the moment, a functional barrier for the injured fighters, watching and listening to what happened.
“Th… They’re fighting each other up there…” William remarked, physically looking as though he was straining to force Ocean Eyes not to hurry up there and tear them a new one. “Glitch, we don’t have time to keep the flames at bay and call up another KST, and if I let Ocean Eyes up there it’ll eviscerate them, and-”
“What’s this? The kid is holdin’ back, afraid of his own Stand! Hey, kid, don’t hate this part of yourself! Ocean Eyes, it ain’t your enemy, that’s a part of you, what makes you special, so don’t be at odds with it! Embrace what it says, because it’s what YOU’RE sayin’!”
William was speechless, there, but his companion was less inactive in that time. Tiger “Glitch” Ricky simply hissed, then, her and her Stand hopping up out of the flames in an effort to brutally, mercilessly pounce upon the self-styled villain and the ally he had come to blows with. If they moved fast, they could bite through that shitty little twink’s neck right now!
Arpeggi grit his teeth, scrambling to find his footing as he witnessed the pouncing cat-stand, finding it hard to breathe among all the burning rubble, fading fast then.
Is… Is this how it ends..? Crushed and mangled as some lowlife’s burnt-up game piece..?
“And it looks like Glitch is about to take it! Shout-outs to Tigran, the only real one here, watchin’ through the fire and the flames!”
“Heh… This is just a bit of a sweat,” Tigran Sins answered, stifling a cough, “I’ll see all seven of these bastards run through games until they’re all-”
Arpeggi didn’t hear what was said next, only hearing his own defiant heartbeat. If he didn’t act fast, Agnes would die… Good riddance, right? But… Ugh, no, even scum like him, they don’t deserve…
He clutched at NEXT LEVEL until his fingers bled, and Glitch and William, both looking at him past their Stands waiting to attack, made curious sounds as yet more crumbled away.
And then, there was white. An overwhelming cascade of baking soda burst from NEXT LEVEL, smothering the flames rapidly as an obscured form zipped up the tower again, grabbing Agnes and hurrying away from the thrown-off Glitch.
“You… Why did you…” Agnes rubbed baking soda out of his eyes, coughing and looking at the form of Arpeggi in this new Stand. “Motherfucker…”
“I have responsibility over even a scumbag like you… You tailed me here, and I’m not gonna let you die and escape responsibility easy.” He turned, then, to William and Glitch, his new form revealed. “Now, actually help me, follow my lead, and I’ll kick your ass later. We need to survive this-”
All four of the fighters, then, felt themselves grow rapidly, their combined weight so close together crushing the table they were on, much as a nearby tabletop wargame that had been setup found itself buckling under the weight of Metra, Oh No, the Black Angel, and their motorcycle.
“Welp,” Worm said with a bemused laugh, holding up the slumped body of Tigran. “Your fire couldn’t hurt him, but smoke inhalation sure could! I guess that means…”
“The winner is FIRE, with a score of 65!”
Category Winner Point Totals Comments
Popularity Graveyard Shift 12-17
Quality Graveyard Shift 19-20 Reasoning
JoJolity BADD GUYS 24-18 Reasoning
Conduct Tie 10-10
With no more reason to fight, it got really awkward and everyone just sort of ran out of Heartache Casino. William Eyelash, recalling his stand and lost in thoughts, was the last to leave, joining the others in leaping single-file out a window into a nearby alley.
There, though everyone else seemed tensely uninvolved, the Black Angel’s motorcycle revved, and she stared down Worm as he safely stowed Tigran inside his Stand-body, leaning on his golden sword.
“There’s still something I need, Jones… I’ll run you down to get it if it means saving the city.”
Worm laughed, gesturing with his sword. “This thing? You’re huntin’ me down for this… Ah! I see! You’re tryin’ to do that.” Callously, he tossed it, so suddenly they fumbled with it in hand. “Here ya go, then! I don’t much want what Jack Aurel’s cookin’ up either!”
The Angel, worn and exhausted, stammered. “I… You just… But…”
“Lookin’ forward to killin’ me, huh? Get in line, kid… Or waste your time right now! See, nobody here is botherin’, they can all read that it’d be a waste when I’m in such good health! City’s countin’ on you, yeah, and you won’t get many opportunities for bein’ called a hero as an adult. Make it count!”
Then, before anyone could say more, he darted through a nearby wall, waving William and the rest off with a, “Ah, we safely may trust to its gleaming and be sure it will lead us aright!”

“Asshole.” The Angel turned away, strapping the sword to their back and driving away. “Thank you, all of you. I’ll take this from here… Get yourselves help.”
There was silence as they drove into the sky, scarf billowing before them, and then Agnes started cackling. “You’re all fucking morons… If I didn’t burn that place down, we wouldn’t have gotten away, and some wannabe with no style would be going down as Los Fortuna’s worst villain! Fucking bow and grovel, Jack Aurel’s grave is gonna say ‘spat on by Agnes!’”
Nobody had the energy to dignify that with a response.
An anticlimax is leading into a super-climax, and meanwhile, an ant-loving little boy and an aid worker are racing through their dreamscapes, with a day left to vote there.
What is, as of the 1990s, ‘Capital Island,’ was the epicenter of Los Fortuna’s founding several hundred years ago, in the midst of a bloody Stand User conflict, many militias clashing for superiority, in the 1680s, starting with the death of the era’s own Andrew Tiffany, the missionary William Mandolin, and towards its end, knocking people into their senses through the awakening of exactly what he had tried to warn them of.
A grand T-Rex by the name of Megalomania had survived, dormant, underneath the land through the might of its Stand, coated in a goldlike substance, and awoken in a deep rage by the conflict of the locals. Megalomania was met in battle by a man out of place named Aaron Bruno, ‘Sir Aurel’ to most, and Memory Management, and when slain, crumbled where it stood into a pile of bones, feet firm in the ground.
Los Fortuna’s natural history museum was built around this monster’s remains, and Sir Aurel would turn its golden coat into a ceremonial weapon. The power these symbols were imbued with, even with their old purposes lost, were of great importance to the city’s stability.
Outside Los Fortuna’s Natural History Museum, Early Evening
In the blink of an eye, the attention of everyone within Los Fortuna had been turned to the natural history museum. That made sense, of course - considering the looming dark clouds containing the ghosts of the dead within them, the scuffles of the stand users outside of the building, and the vague knowledge that a ritual with the purpose of destroying fate itself was currently being performed within it, it would be out of the ordinary for people to not be paying it any attention. Even those who weren’t stand users that were up to date with the situation were drawn to it by the unusual level of activity surrounding it, from emergency services and VALKYRIE forces alike.
And then there was Bert. They were invested in the whole situation, of course - keeping up with the latest reality-breaking ancient rituals was the least that a wannabe god like them could do. Their status as an observer did raise a few eyebrows - they’d had to shake off both emergency service workers and VALKYRIE forces, who’d both taken the time to try and encourage Bert to leave the area for their own safety, clearly underestimating Bert’s own prowess.
Within the chaos, one could be excused for not failing to notice the drones Bert had been sending around to overhear and oversee it all. First, they paid attention to the chief of security at VALKYRIE, Ugo McBasie, who seemed to be getting interviewed by someone from the Fortuna Hermod, an ODIN-owned news publication (not their usual guy at scenes like this… Wonder what happened to him). Bert had heard that the man was a violent and irresponsible meathead who’d caused plenty of trouble in the past, but he seemed to be keeping a thin veil of professionalism for now. However, Bert couldn’t help but notice a young man in a blue aviator cap standing a few meters behind the reporter and staring daggers at him, perhaps keeping him in check somehow, occasionally piping in for comment about how it was all they could do to surround the place and wait for an opening if they didn’t want a meat grinder on their hands.
Meanwhile, Los Fortuna’s own city council chairman, Raymond Delwin Shimizu was discussing something of note with someone else, who seemed to have just finished an interview of his own. Bert didn’t recognize him, but the interviewer had called him “Chief Prosecutor Cavallo”, and she seemed as if she knew what she was talking about, so Bert opted to believe her. The interviewer, Jillian Something-or-other, had been running all over the scene, trying to get interviews alongside her oversized cameraman Bert recognized as having been that really huge cop who used to hang around Aurelio a lot of the time not successfully doing his job. Not worth Bert’s time.
Cavallo scratched his head in frustration. “Chairman, please tell me that you’ve made progress of some kind here...”
Ray shook his head. “Not much. That stand user that’s working alongside Jack Aurel, Akiko Mizushima, is making it impossible to get in - anyone we do send in is as good as gone. We haven’t even been able to get Admiral Pineapples out. Judging by your demeanor, I assume that the board hasn’t made much progress either.”
“No, doesn’t seem like it.” Cavallo let out a long sigh. “Every day, it’s just more and more work… Now we’re stuck having to deal with this. If nothing’s done, the board’s thinking it might very well cause a disaster unmatched by… Well, anything but the earthquake from thirty years ago. Something like this, bending the rules of the city, and breaking free from it… Los Fortuna’s probably not going to let that slide easily.” He shook his head. “Where the hell is the mayor through all this? Watching anime at home or something, probably.”
Ray remained silent for a bit, thinking to himself. “Well, we’ve got emergency services ready to act for now, and we’re working on evacuating any susceptible areas, but it only works so much.” Before Cavallo could respond, another reporter came up to Raymond, ready with a batch of questions for him. “Well, Cavallo, our work isn’t done yet, so let’s get to it. Saving as many people as possible here should be our utmost priority.” And with that, the two men parted ways for the time being.
Having listened enough, Bert began thinking to themselves. This was a tricky situation - they clearly couldn’t get in as is, but they certainly wanted to. Learning more about the situation at hand would improve their knowledge of the mechanisms holding Los Fortuna together, and gaining control over the ritual somehow would certainly be a feat befitting of a god such as them.
Bert stood in front of the museum entrance, taking another look at the chaos in front of them and continuing to think about the next step they’d take. So many different possibilities, so little time. They thought, and thought, and then one of their drones’ eyes glanced upon someone familiar - a blue haired, red eyed woman wearing a mask, trying to blend in and clearly resenting it, skulking around the perimeter of the area as though she, too, wished to enter.
Yet despite her efforts, Bert recognized her.
“Emilie ‘Dread’ Delacroix!” They declared it loudly, thoughtlessly so, approaching her with a hand raised. “Are you perhaps looking to find a crevasse through which to enter that place as well? It’s quite fortified, isn’t it?”
“Hm?” She wasn’t bothered by the way Bert drew attention to her, still wearing her same very extra outfit under the also quite extra hooded dark robe she was using to blend in. “Ah, pardon me dearly for having failed to notice you… You are Bert, from that incident where we fought on equal terms, yes?”
“I am that same Bert, Emilie ‘Dread’ Delacroix, yes. Though I doubt I could be much mistaken for others…”
“We are both quite conspicuous individuals, yes,” Dread said, taking the conversation into a nearby alley before VALKYRIE goons on the scene could prove it was her, “but no, I’m not terribly nonplussed about my abilities to infiltrate that place… Simply, I am attempting to assess the probability by which my approach itself, through the barricades erected, might occur. If your intentions happen to be helping me sneak through, then it is simply not necessary on any fronts… I have formulated a plan now.”
Dread, now appearing alone, walked through that alley curiously, looking around her and beginning to see her opportunity of approach - there appeared to be a side door there, at which a certain fish-themed hero was sitting outside, looking, Dread knew from their DMs, at funny images of her wife atop the T-Rex skull in the museum.
Yes, certainly, this would be-
“Whoa, hey, it’s you!”
Damnable. Had she been spotted, or..?
No, no, wait. The one speaking, a man also in this alleyway who smelled of cannabis, holding what looked like a GAP bag, was speaking to someone on the opposite side of it, disembarking from a sportbike and handing it to the rider, who was wearing a very ornate-looking golden sword which Dread had sworn she’d seen somewhere before.
“Thanks,” the Black Angel told this young man, accepting the bag and producing its contents - a Roman helmet and black bird-looking tokusatsu cosplay? “Green couldn’t make it himself, huh?”
“I made it,” the guy said, pointing proudly to himself, before blinking. “Oh, you mean like… Showing up. Yeah, no, there was a thing with a mammoth coming down from the mountains, he’s helping East deal with that. Feel like lighting up before you go in? It’ll take the edge off..!”
The rider removed their helmet, coincidentally perfectly timed for the strawberry-blonde with pale blue eyes to stare him down incredulously. “About a million people live on this island, Weedboy. Now is not the time…” The Angel ducked into the nearby building to change, finishing, “shit, yeah, it looks just like the Flying Men do… uh. you should get out of here now.”
“You kidding?” He asked. “I don’t wanna bow out right before it gets good! That’s, like, saying I think you can’t do it!”
Well, these two appeared distracted, so Dread would continue along her way, walking right past them and towards the blockade, towards where Jo was sitting casually, only to be interrupted by-
“Holy shit, it really is her! Stop right there, Dread!”
Oh boy, here we go. This had been happening more lately, since a somewhat frustrating individual went and opened his big mouth about her dangers on Bifrost. Turned out that the head of VALKYRIE was literally in the server, so now she had a bounty on her head after a modicum of investigation into her after that public statement, and her casual admittance thereof!
Two armored guards were pointing guns at her as she stood there, unfazed.
“Don’t come any closer!” One of them, an older woman, said, turning to her younger partner and quickly telling him, “if she approaches, open fire. She’ll eat you alive if not!”
“This again, are you being serious?” Dread was less than pleased. “I am evil, and a murderer, unrepentantly so, yes, but I do not eat people. This rumor is being so blown out of proportion that I find it quite tiresome.”
“F-fuck off and die!” The younger moved to fire his weapon, only to realize there was a knife through him, catching the gun by the trigger after running from his shoulderblade to his fingertip.
Dread didn’t need the help, but like a true friend, Kimijo Kaneko offered it anyway
“Wh-what the-” The older woman cursed as her partner was cut open and dropped. “Fucking useless moron! HEY, EVERYONE, KANEKO BROKE RANK AND DREAD IS HERE TO! NOW’S OUR CHANCE TO-”
The distraction, then, was all it took for Dread to take her first kill of the day. Of course it was fine. She read the news, she knew how these VALKYRIE people were literally at war with poor people.
“Sh-shit, those people just died! More VALKYRIE corpses, and Jo again..!” The stoner declared in the background, and the Black Angel, now dressed exactly like the birdmen many had seen before, paused in her efforts to run past the opening created by Jo breaking formation.
Nobody could hear it or see her lips move, but she apologized under her breath, clenching her fist, but the disguise had worked. 32 Footsteps, the primary guard which would warp away anyone who tried to enter, apparently had instructions to allow in anybody dressed like this, yet none of the intended recipients of this deliberate loophole made their way in.
“Dread, hello, friend!” Jo exclaimed in high spirits, sheathing her knife, but still speaking quietly as she hurried back into place, “good to see you!”
“Yes, it is most certainly fortuitous for us to encounter one another…” Dread agreed, walking and talking with her as the pair were watched in horror. “By any chance, may I come into this museum? I am absolutely curiously intrigued by what is going on within here…”
A VALKYRIE sniper was taking aim at Dread, then, as she entered, muttering under her breath, “got a shot lined up… I can take her out, and Jo a second later! Two bastards out of the way, at least, and-”
“Wait,” the youth in a blue aviator hat and goggles, speaking as VALKYRIE’s tactician, instructed, “hold your fire.”
“Sir, she just made one of our senior officers fall into rotten pieces! She’s chatting it up with this fish-bitch like it’s nothing!”
“I know, and I’m appalled too, but I think…” The Blue Kid paused, contemplatively. “No, I know it. Dread is here to defeat John Aurel, just like the Black Angel.”
Spinning and pivoting through the air, “Lou” Reed, dressed like a dark, sixth Flying Man, landed atop the skull of the t-rex, which had apparently been adorned in a cute little pirate hat. It made for a fine vantage point, then, to look all over the halls of the Natural History museum, noting one, two, three, four spots, grotesque and morbid statues Remix had apparently erected of ghostly abominations.
She was exhausted, injured from the three-way skirmish she, Metra, and Oh No had been forced to undergo and riding like hell to get here, but she had made it this far, and others had managed to get in too. She couldn’t choke now.
Seven minutes… I’ll just have to destroy those, and be back here in seven minutes. Easy enough… I don’t think I’ve been-
“Green, Orange, and Purple… I don’t believe a ‘Flying Man Black’ was ever mentioned, nor that any of the brothers were into swords.”
Shit. That voice, too… Lou turned around, then, seeing someone standing behind her, a man with long dark hair, brandishing a hammer and looking up at her.
John “Jack” Aurel.
“Even if you are what you appear to be and not in disguise, you should realize that you aren’t welcome here. There’s nothing to be done in this museum worth dying for, and no way to accomplish any more foolish goal if I were to raise attention now. Care to waste some of the time you have left and explain?”
Of course this would happen. Lou removed her faux-beak, helmet, and goggles, staring down at him as her hair billowed in the ceiling fans’ wind. “Jack… I’ve come here to put a stop to this.”
“You’re that kid who’s always running around, huh?” Jack frowned, twirling his hammer. “I hear what you talk about through the grapevine… About how we’re all victims of fate, forced against each other by Gravity. That Stand Users are always going to be molded by this… You understand it too. You understand that people like us prey upon the weak, that it’s in our natures and our place in the world. I want to remove myself from that… Remove these people from that, and atone for what I’ve done.”
“By killing even more people! There’s no way they’ll get everyone away from your blast radius, and you haven’t even given them the chance to!” Lou protested. “It doesn’t have to be this way… Don’t say this is how it has to be! We can save this place, free everyone from gravity, without barreling towards its destruction! I don’t want to kill you, Jack. I want you to stop this crazy, self-indulgent crap and help me do something real!”
“You think everyone deserves this? That Stand Users will simply reform without this? The cycle has started, and it will push to the end even if the wave guiding it fades away completely… Bastards, the lot of us, and I don’t intend to run from what I’ve done. I’ll give you one chance to run away, kid… the worst I can call you is naive.”
Lou drew the golden blade, seeing Jack wince as he clearly recognized its significance, all as her Stand appeared behind her. “We both know I can’t do that, even if I can barely keep my balance up here. And hey, maybe I will die here… Maybe I am fated not to see this through. But then, someone is gonna finish this for me! Your security is already compromised!”
“Fascinating… And you are utterly convinced that, should it work, those he’s slain to commence this ritual to begin with will return outside the city?”
“Remix is full of himself,” Jo said, nodding quietly, “but he and Jack, they researched a lot… Akiko and I, for helping this finish, we can finally go home! Be done with the bad city…”
“She has made this place remarkably impregnable,” Dread agreed, thinking aloud, “anyone who waltzes in waltzes into her backrooms…”
“Unless they have a ‘pass!’” A voice from within Dread’s cloak spoke, and as Jo raised her knife at it in defense, the pure-white, terribly contorted form of Bert tumbled onto the ground, stretching and reshaping into their typical humanlike shape.
“Don’t worry, don’t worry, they are fine, with me!” Dread assured Jo, frankly thankful to have that weight literally off her back. Bert was very light, but even then it was hard to walk carrying someone, let alone not give it away. “We have… Some history, and so I thought I might as well indulge Bert’s request to see this place as well. I apologize for not mentioning earlier, but it was quite dire getting in here past guards attacking us.”
Jo didn’t seem to mind, continuing to lead the pair around, even passing Akiko who was casually, distractedly reading some manga while in a bit of a pirate mood.
They also passed by another scene, slightly more concerning, of an injured old man in a Hawaiian Shirt, close by the frontmost entrance of the place and clutching himself as his fleet of four Stand-starships remaining fired at Remix, who guarded against it with ghost-objects while a Flying Man Red tried to find an opening to strike.
“You’ve been at this for hours, old man, die already! You have no place in the world I mean to birth from your bloodied, pulped remains!”
Pineapples stood, then, leaning against the wall, trying not to show weakness.
“I think that guy is going to lose, at this rate… It’s a shame, too,” Bert, the loudmouth again, remarked. “He might have been a worthwhile pawn in wrestling control away from this operation.”
Dread, Jo, Remix, and Red all gave Bert simultaneous incredulous looks, all in completely unique ways.
Jo drew her knife again, about to transform, only to dodge out of the way of the injured ‘Lou’ Reed, blacked out, helmetless, being knocked away and into the floor, the shock of which made her rise quickly, feeling around. “Where’s the- Shit!” As she sat up, then, feeling around for the saber no longer in her possession, she noticed that she was smack in the middle of something else here.
Hurriedly, she rolled away, standing herself up and looking to the injured Admiral. “You… You’re one of those MFAs, right? How did you-?”
Weakly, he gestured to Remix. “He brought me here in a damned urn! I’ve been fending them off to buy others in the museum time to escape… Everyone in this hall here and Jack, those are the only ones left in the building, minus masses and masses of ghosts. They’re harmless, though… Don’t worry about them attacking unless that guy takes them.”
“I see…” Lou, then, smiled sadly, clutching her bloodied suit. She looked to Bert and Dread, then, moving to get between them and Jack’s incredulous accomplices. “You said you wanted to take him out, right? I overheard…”
“Well, Bert has let yet another cat out of the bag,” Dread admitted, “indeed, I came here with the intent of dethroning Jack Aurel before he had a chance to complete his little ritual. Few others would even be able to get in here.”
“So that’s my role, then…” Lou smiled, then, sighing, ducking out of the way of the Flying Man sending a kick her way, a gauntlet-clad arm emerging from her body, grabbing his ankle hard, and swinging him into the Jo who was shocked to hear Dread say that. “I can’t do anything about Jack… Too fucked up from that ED match…” She grinned, then, mouth bleeding as she stared Remix down. “But this old man and I can at least keep these assholes from interfering!”
Dread, then, watched passively as the five erupted into battle, she and Bert curious about what was to come as, from each hand, the Stand which emerged seemed to fire odd projectiles at their foes. “The ‘I’ll hold them off…’ You’re styling yourself as some sort of exceptional hero, aren’t you?” She seemed amused by that, the irony of their cooperation. “I’m evil, you know… And Bert, at least, is morally ambiguous. But if you’ve settled on putting the city in our hands, have you any advice?”
Over the sounds of laser fire, Lou quickly found time to answer, “yeah, there’s… I brought this golden ‘saber’ with me, and it must’ve fallen somewhere by the T-Rex… In, in a bit over six minutes from now, this ritual of theirs is gonna go through and rip this island open. Before that… They have these ‘failsafe’ statue things, and…” She took a breath, retracting and wincing from a blow her Stand had taken. “Look, I don’t have time to explain it, but you need to smash those up first! They’re there, made up of spirits fused together, to keep these guys safe from the consequences of their own actions… To ensure their safety, and at the same time act as a ‘failsafe’ for the ritual. Gives you the ‘power’ over it, too, in the way that right now Jack himself does… That’s important to stopping it. So you need to smash them first, and then, right as the time passes for the ritual, when the skull of the T-Rex in the center starts to split open and glow and its mouth starts gushing water… Embed the sword into the opening in its forehead, right as it starts to shape. That’s the only way to prevent this at this stage!”
“The forehead particularly, hmm?” Bert asked, pacing curiously and avoiding a cross split attack from Red, who barreled into Lou and was barely blocked. “Why there, per se? Why nowhere else on the thing?”
“Ngh..!” Lou grunted, saved from a follow-up by Pineapples. “I dunno, that’s just where you have to do it!”
“Black Angel… That’s what you’re called, yes?” Dread smiled, turning away. “You will be thanked for this victory… Try to live long enough to witness it firsthand, won’t you?”
“I’d… I’d love to,” Lou answered, smiling sadly, “for five years now, when I first learned there was anything worth a damn in this world, I’ve wanted to protect that… The dark pit of despair that was the first thirteen years of my life, and even so much since, I’d love nothing more than a world where no person is fated beyond impossible odds to suffer that.” She grew serious, then, raising her voice. “Go, now! Leave this to us!”
Bert and Dread approached the T-Rex, impressed at the amazing height and Akiko’s snazzy pirate duds upon the thing, the lab-grown being whistling with impression. “A T-Rex lived ‘til three-hundred years ago… Preserved whole, in this city. It’s astonishing, isn’t it, Emilie ‘Dread’ Delacroix?”
“A curious anomaly,” Dread agreed, examining it from afar, even noticing that alleged sword in the distance. “I wonder why it survived that long, so far after its brethren…”
“It’s because it was a ‘Stand User.’”
Jack approached from the same room in which Dread spotted glints of the golden saber, announcing his presence with that. “That was its ‘fate…’ A savage, cunning animal, ripped from where it belonged. to be a problem to solve and squabble over, to found this city on its literal bones.”
“John ‘Jack’ Aurel… You’d best stand down.” Bert, helpfully, started. “You cannot beat us… Even if we only had seconds to overcome you, I would be too much for you to handle!”
“No, he’s going to fight, I know it.” Dread, meanwhile, prepared Joywave, staring him down with a pointed, grinning lethality. “I suppose introductions are not necessary, with how Bert here loves to say my full name… I am not one to make things curt or brief, John, but consider yourself toppled, usurped, bloodied and dead.”
“The lab accident with a God complex and by far the worst, most grisly of Jo’s friends…” With no real amusement, no happiness in his eyes, Jack chuckled, looking them over. “Of course, right at the end, my final test isn’t some hero… It’s exactly the worst kind of Stand User! The apex predators that I’ve preyed upon, that stand in the way of saving everyone who’s died to reach this point! Of course it would be someone like me to gain entry, wouldn’t it?”
“You speak with such confidence you’ll raise the dead…” Bert was curious. “Even if it costs more lives, such a thing is… That is the realm of gods, John ‘Jack’ Aurel.”
“Not today it’s not,” Jack answered, twirling his hammer in his hand. “Both of you… You’ve been driven here, standing in my way, as agents of ‘fate’ itself. Isn’t that the reason you were ‘lucky’ enough to pass through our defenses… Because you were meant to stand here, and you were meant to watch as every horrible, cruel thing you’ve done amounts to nothing in the face of these circumstances.”
He looks the two intruders over with sympathy for a moment, before steeling himself and clenching his weapon, Stand appearing behind him just as stone-faced. “You may be the puppet of something beyond your control, but you must understand that I can’t let you ruin the plan I’ve bet my life on. I bear you no anger as people, but your role here is something I can’t ignore. I’ll waste our time no longer in arguing ethics, let there be no apologies or restraint until this is settled.”
The other conspirators had been instructed not to intervene if it came to this point, even if it risked the collapse of everything they had worked for. Not if it threatened lives. An enemy to make it this far was deserving of being dealt with reasonably. As the critical moment drew near, Jack readied all the fury that months of waiting had stored within him, and accepted that this may very well be his final true fight.
“Five minutes on the dot now, until ‘that time…’ If what the Black Angel said is true.” Dread looked to Bert. “What do you say we demonstrate incontrovertibly to John exactly how confused he truly is?”
(Image credit to CaptainSpooky27!)
Location: A part of the Los Fortuna’s Natural History Museum. The area here is 75 by 75 meters with each tile being 5 by 5 meters. The ceilings here are 8 meters tall. The yellow tiles are the hallways and the green and purple tiles form the different rooms.
The white tiles have ritual shrines built on those areas. There are 7 shrines total and will be explained in further detail in the additional information.
The players start at the south of the map and Jack starts at the top of the map as represented by their tokens. The walls are represented by thicker borders and the dotted lines are the doorways.
At the top of the map, in the pink tile and yellow symbols, is the Golden Sword. It is currently pinned under 2 meters of rubble.
Each wing of the museum houses an exhibit, in the center is the main attraction a large T-Rex in display as denoted by the large grey circle.
The other exhibits are denoted by the letter on them:
  • G: The geologic exhibit, displaying and teaching about different rock formations and types
  • O: The two Oceanic exhibits, displaying the marine life and seabed of Los Fortuna.
  • C: The climatography exhibit, displaying the different temperature maps and features across Los Fortuna.
  • A: The Agricultural exhibit, displaying the various fruits and crops grown around Los Fortuna.
  • T: The two Taxidermy exhibits, displaying a wide range of animals in roped off and glass displays.
  • E:The Entomology exhibit, displaying photos and models of various bugs.
Goal: For the players, desecrate all the shrines and, when time runs out, have at least one of you, living and conscious, at the T-Rex with the golden sword in hand! For Jack, make sure the players don’t stop your ritual before it goes off!
The match will last exactly five minutes, unless of course players are dead before then. It doesn’t end just because players reach the goal.
Additional Information:
The shrines are 2 meter tall marked wood and metal structures, each having an strange carve effigy sitting in the center of them. In order to properly desecrate a shrine the players can do one of a few things, destroy the shrine outright, deface all the carvings made into the shrine, or destroy the effigy hidden within the shrine.
After destroying or defacing a shrine, the ghosts of the dead will begin harassing the players - three ghosts will move towards the player responsible for destroying the shrine (even in a situation where the stands are responsible: the ghosts will target Bert if a Perfect Hair minion destroys a shrine, and same for if anything affected by Joywave does so). These aren't strong, having flat 222 physicals and being partially see-through, but will increase in numbers as more and more shrines are destroyed. Strong enough hits can phase them out of existence, but they'll respawn ten seconds after at the spot that they previously were. They will go directly towards the players and can phase through any walls or objects that may be in their paths (but not out of any attacks), grabbing onto the players and trying to gang up on them once they're close enough to do so, dealing minor damage.
Team Combatant JoJolity
Red Carpet Rennaisance Emilie "Dread" Delacroix "Wow! It's a hand drawn original color illustration!" You’re a cultured woman, and this museum might very well end up being wiped off of the face of the earth quite soon, so you need to make the most of it while you still can! Make sure to visit and appreciate the various exhibits on display here! (Character Specific)
Suburban Regalia Bert "What a terrible person. If I wrote about someone like you, none of my readers would like it." So this man is playing at god, trying to control life, death, and fate themselves? What foolishness! Clearly, only you can do such things, and you do them best! Over the course of the strategy, prove your superiority to this “Jack Aurel“ and take him down a notch! (Character Specific)
??? Jack Aurel "Where the hell did you go?! Come out, you fucker!" It's now or never. This is the culmination of all of your plans, and failing is absolutely not an option here. During the fight, hold nothing back, and make sure to thoroughly defeat your opponents so that no one and nothing will ever stand in your way again!
(Jack sheet plain text version)
Link to the Official Player Spreadsheet
Link to Match Schedule
As always, if you would like to interact with the tournament community and be among the first to get updates for the tournament, please feel free to PM a member of our Judge staff for an invite to our Official Discord Server!
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